Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Virtual discussion on the topic Amidst Lockdown and Unlocking: Shock and Recovery of Indian Industry

 17 March 2021, Goa Institute of Management organized a virtual discussion on the topic Amidst Lockdown and Unlocking: Shock and Recovery of Indian Industry. This virtual discussion was hosted as part of the collaborative research project titled “Impact Of COVID-19 on management to Eradicate Modern Slavery from Global Supply Chains: A Case Study of Indian Fashion Supply Chain that is commissioned by the Policy and Evidence Centre and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council”.

Professor Divya Singhal from the Centre For Social Sensitivity and Action at the Goa Institute of Management is the co-investigator on the project. Prof. Singhal moderated the session where various stakeholders took part in the discussion around Sustainable Development Goal 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth and the Impact of COVID-19 on the Indian Industry. She shared that the project is led by a team from the University of Leeds (School of Design and Leeds University Business School) in collaboration with HEC, Montreal and the Goa Institute of Management.

Participants discussed the impact of COVID-19 on Indian Industry on their respective industries and shared that though the pandemic has resulted in reduced revenues, however, the pandemic has also been a great learning in terms of greater collaboration, constant communication, resilience and adaptability.

The participants included Ms. Pallavi H  Arondekar, Deputy Director, GCCI, Mr. Gurpreet Singh and Ms. Shivya Singhal- experts from the Renewable Energy and E-Mobility from Gujrat, Ms. Vinu Pillai from Mumbai and Ms. Priyanka Bhatt (Goa) from IT, Mr. Rathan from textile Spinning sector (TamilNadu), Mr. Hari Kaul (Goa) from the Retail sector, Ms. Alisha Kumar from Import and Export of frozen sea-food, Ms. Aishwarya -Industrial trainer, Mr. Akbar Khan (Tamil Nadu) who worked with Automobile sector for many years and Ms. Vibhuti Choyal (Rajasthan) from Choyal Industries that is into manufacturing of aata chakki and food retail.

A live scribe of the discussion was done by visual artist Mr. Srinivas Mangipudi who shared his scribe with the participants towards the end and shared that how the various inputs were captured in the visual summary.

The discussion was attended by Research Fellows Dr. Swati Singh and Ms. Suganya G from the Goa Institute of Management. Prof. Divya Singhal proposed the vote of thanks.

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Katrin Lime said...

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