Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Building D2C ECommerce platforms, Infoscalez Tech Pvt Ltd catalyses growth for brands.



Bangalore-based InfoScalez provides SMBs like dairies, organic stores, grocery stores, etc, with out-of-the-box D2C ECommerce platforms that comprise features to build online stores with the cutting-edge latest tech to manage the inventory, orders, and payments, dispatches & delivery plus generate traction through the latest digital marketing trends.


In 2015, when e-commerce started to boom in India, Bangalore-based entrepreneur Jaideep Kashikar hit upon an idea. A man with many feathers in his cap, his tech-inclined mind helped him foresee the surging e-commerce wave and the future shift of this towards the direct-to-consumer (D2C) approach of online shopping.

He looked at how he could leverage tech to enable offline brands to go online, at the same time, digitally manage the entire supply chain operations. The idea grew into a SaaS model that a brand needs to go online powered with smart supply chain management and launched InfoScalez in 2020.

“InfoScalez is built with a vision to keep brands, customers, and their product demands synced with each other, in an increasingly digital world.”

Jaideep Kashikar

Co-Founder, InfoScalez Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

How It Works

InfoScalez’s SaaS products provide businesses with an out-of-the-box D2C e-commerce platform. Popularly marketed as StoresBuddy and DairyBuddy, both the SaaS products are specifically designed to meet the needs of retail grocery stores and dairies.


Its features include creating online shopping stores, enabled with an admin dashboard to manage orders, inventory, and integration with payment gateways for seamless transactions. It also includes a key feature of delivery tracking applications available for both the delivery executives and the back operations admin, to keep deliveries on-time and seamless.


“It’s the timely deliveries against the orders, neither before time nor late, that help retaining and growing the customer base in both the grocery and dairy business. With InfoScalez‘s smart delivery application, many of our clients are outclassing many e-commerce brands.”

Jaideep Kashikar

Co-Founder, InfoScalez Tech. Pvt. Ltd.


The Digital Wave and Need to Sell Online

India’s online grocery market is expected to scale up to $10.5 Billion by 2023, as reported by RedSeer. Also, the growing D2C market of India will be clocking $100 Billion in 5years as reported by Avendus. All this points out to one direction that brands need to establish D2C eCommerce platforms sooner or later.


Although InfoScalez helps brands with D2C eCommerce establishment, the bigger problem lies in showcasing consistent growth.


“The variable over which the growth of any brand depends is increasing every day.  It is hard to assess the magnanimity of this cause without any analytics tools.” Jaideep explains, adding


Analytics tools help in identifying opportunities and threats early enough to make any significant impact. With analytical reports, any brand can decide what to stock, how much to stock, or how much to purchase and all related to that”


Marketplaces are cluttered and overcrowded, adding to the challenges are the heavy discounting strategies, deal with low margins, and carrying business on with little to no customer data.


“D2C e-commerce store is a way through this abyss. SMBs with aggressive growth aspirations have started to invest in their own D2C e-commerce store. They are keen to reorient themselves as brands, that can develop their loyal followers, longer lifetime values, and higher revenues. All of this can enhance their offline shop reputation as well.” adds Jaideep.


StartUp Charcha: A New Initiative

Recently, InfoScalez has kick-started a new platform called StartUp Charcha. The program started in the week of International Women’s Day 2021, putting their Startup stories in front of the whole world.


The inaugural season of 6 episodes saw women entrepreneurs from a wider field explaining their journey from scratch to ventures. The program went on not like some conventional interview session type but more of a 1-on-1 conversation focussed on casual lives to technicalities of a startup.


“The StartUp Charcha has received quite a good response from its viewers and, as we gear up for the second season, we promise to return soon with many new startup icons, and indeed, their success startup stories.” Says Jaideep, host for StartUp Charcha.

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