Sunday, March 21, 2021

Let’s together keep the bird song alive!


Oberoi Mall in association with Nature Forever Society to create awareness on World Sparrow Day

Mumbai, 20th March 2021: World Sparrow day is celebrated to promote awareness about the importance of sparrows in the ecosystem and conserve these birds' existence. With the rise in population and pollution in metropolitan cities, the sparrow count has been adversely affected at an alarming rate. The increasing wants and desires of humankind have led the sparrows to lose their coexistence in the city.


In the light of these rising concerns, Oberoi Mall, in association with the Nature Forever Society, organised a two-day demonstration/ display on 20th and 21st March to create awareness amongst the masses to save the weakening sparrow population. This decade-old association between the two has only one agenda: to organise various fun-loving activities and events to spread awareness and understand the threats to the species and take preventive measures. The Mall displayed standees with information on different kinds of sparrows, current scenario of their existence in the city and suggested quick and easy ideas of how we can do our bit to save this species.   

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