Monday, March 22, 2021

Symposium on Awareness about Blood Bank & Blood Safety organised by Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank

Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank Organised Scientific symposium on Blood Bank & Blood Safety at Ozone Activity Centre, managed by Prabodhan Goregaon, under the guidance of Hon.Shri Subhash Desai, Founder of the Blood bank and Industry Minister , Govt.of Maharashtra, on Sunday, 21st March, 2021.

Hon.Shri Subhash Desai, Founder of the Blood bank and Industry Minister, Govt.of Maharashtra, in his Key Note Address, stressed the need of advanced technology in changing times for providing Safe Blood to the patients. He thanked the advisers for managing the operations of the blood bank and emphasised on the noble cause of Blood Donation and requested all to join in this initiative of Voluntary Blood Donation. He felicitated the eminent doctors for the active Panel discussion along with Mr.Satish Wagh,Vice President, Prabodhan.

This Initiative of Scientific Symposium started by Mr.Avinash Shirodkar, Technical Director & Mr.Ramesh Iswalkar, Blood Bank In charge was well appreciated by all with a suggestion to conduct more such events.

Mr Shirodkar started the Virtual Tour of the blood bank and gave brief introduction of the blood Bank, which was started in 2004.He proudly mentioned how their staff maintained adequate stock of blood, during the Pandemic times. All participants applauded these warriors. Shri Subhash Desai, Founder of the Blood bank and Industry Minister also saluted the staff during his address.

Mr Shirodkar highlighted upon the various facilities like Single Donor Platelets available  and the space for conducting In-house Blood donation camps. The blood Bank has 2 storage centres, in Malad & South Mumbai. The blood Bank is designed with Lean Principles in mind and there is a new shift with introduction of automated instruments for testing Blood Grouping, Cross matching, antibody screening and TTI diseases.  

Dr Aditya Tare, Blood Transfusion Officer, explained the technical features of the newly installed Automated Instruments, from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics and benefits to enhance the Blood safety to patients. The sensitivity & Specificity towards Grouping, cross matching is enhanced, Reducing the Window Period for TTI diseases like HIV, and the drastically reducing Turnaround Time for processing. He explained the stringent control on SOPs and external Quality Control program from Indian Red Cross Society. The storage is equipped with latest refrigerators, to store adequate blood bags and has Continuous temperature monitoring system, through data loggers.

Dr Maya Parihar Malhotra, Head, Dept. of Transfusion Medicine, Bombay Hospital, gave valuable guidance to the participants, for providing Safe Blood. In her lecture she emphasised various angles on Testing methodologies like, Elisa, Chemi, NAT etc as well as Tube and CAT technologies, Automated Instruments &SOPs for minimising manual errors and stressed on a good communication between the Blood Bank and Clinicians in reducing teething troubles and challenges during the operations.

The high light of the event was panel discussion with good brain storming session. Dr. Maya Parihar Malhotra, .Dr Ulhas Kulkarni( Asian Cancer Institute),Dr. Abhay Vispute( MD,SRV Hospital),Dr Nikhil Datar ( MD, Cloudnine Hospital), Dr Vishal Nivadunge ( Millat Hospital) gave insights to all clinicians. Many factors like the expectations of clinicians and blood banks, the reasons for variations in testing charges among different blood banks based upon  technologies used by them ( and as allowed by State Blood transfusion Council), the usefulness of Component therapy in patients , the importance of maintaing good pre-analytical processes ( which is integral part in reducing errors)in Blood safety, precautions to be taken by doctors before and during transfusion, avoiding post transfusion reaction etc. were covered. This panel discussion was moderated by. Mr. Nesline Sukhadia from Ortho Clinical Diagnostics.Ms.Manisha Bansude expressed vote of thanks.

Special thanks to Mr.Rupesh Pevekar, Business Manger, and Ortho Clinical Diagnostics for supporting this event .The entire team of Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank, headed by Shri Ramesh Iswalkar, managed the whole event successfully. The protocols of Covid19 of thermal checking, sanitization, wearing mask and social distancing were diligently followed.

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