Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Wedding : Employment for many Families and Celebration for few

In the times of pandemic , Government has imposed many rules & regulations for people's safety and still Government's cognitive empathy will be much  appreciated in case of Weddings.  

Wedding : Employment for Lakhs of Families & Celebration of 2 Families 

Agreed that many precautions are necessary for people's well being . Government authority's approach should be humanitarian and accommodative . In the larger public interest, while people are guarding themselves with vaccination , boosting immunity , washing hands, masks  etc. , the social distancing rules should be softened a bit for Weddings at least. 

Mr. Yogesh Chandarana ( President - Bombay Caterers Association ) says , "Since last year , Wedding Industry as a whole, comprising Caterers, decorators, jewelers, beauticians, music bands, photographers, fashion designers, transporters, various services etc. has lost 4,000 crores, as 15,000 weddings were cancelled and 30,000 families dependent on this industry are devastated. Majority of the Wedding industry labor force belongs to lower class . They are daily wage earners and the weddings season is at the most for 100 days, within which they have to sustain for 365 days. Government should consider the plight of these poor workers and act swiftly for their betterment ."

The hosts and guests at the weddings will guard themselves against Covid19 through Masks , regular Hand washing, safe distancing , the Government's Benevolence will be much appreciated.

Mr. Sameer Parekh ( Treasurer - Bombay Caterer's Association ) rightly says , " Weddings  are not Just Celebrations but once in lifetime moments , to be cherished with family & friends, at the same time they provide income for many families in India ."

Mr. Satish Kamat ( Secretary - Bombay Caterers Association ) " Weddings create huge employment on daily basis for those who don’t have fixed jobs or who will not get any other job in any other industry. Weddings are not just celebrations, its an industry which provides maximum employment and business. "


 Mr. Sunil Vengurlekar, member of Bombay Caterers Association elaborates that ,Wedding industry directly provides business to Catering, Decoration, Banquets, Fruits and Vegetable Suppliers, Kirana Shops, Dairy Farms, Florists, Beauticians, Event Managers, Jewelers, Bands & Music Party Organisers, Photographers, Invitation Card Manufacturers, Clothing, Sweet Shops, Fast Food Suppliers, Kirana Shops, Dairy Farms, transport, Car service providers, etc. For example, on a heavy wedding date, the rates of flowers and vegetables are almost double than the normal rates.


According to Mr. Yogesh Chandarana ( President - Bombay Caterers Association ), There is a huge misconception of spread of virus due to weddings which is not correct. Logically, nowadays, industries similar to this like restaurants are allowed to operate at 50% capacity, hotels are allowed to operate at 100% capacity, resorts conducting wedding are allowed to operate at 100% capacity and tourism is allowed to operate 100% capacity. For example, a restaurant of approx. 2000 sq. ft. with a capacity of approx. 200 sittings is allowed to serve around 100 customers at a time, which keeps on changing without any sanitization in between and without any record of customers. Similarly, hotels which are occupied at 100% capacity, their dining area is same where all people come together for their meals. Similarly, buses and trains are so congested with multiple rotation of people and no sanitisation is done in between. Then why the number of people is restricted in only weddings, where there is always sanitisation done between two events and details of guests can be very easily maintained and the chances for spread of virus is logically and actually very low as compared to other industries.

 Mr. Lalit Jain ( Spokesperson - Bombay Caterers Association ) says, Banquets operators are facing huge losses because they have to pay huge amount of rent and royalty and electricity bills and taxes. Due to lockdown, they might have got relief in rent and royalty, but they haven’t got any relief in electricity bills and taxes from the government.

 Mr. Sunil Vengurlekar has humbly requested , " Our only demand is actually very logical to allow us to conduct functions like other industries with number of guests according to the size of venues.  as the authorities have done for restaurants and malls. In normal conditions, area required per person is 8 to 10 square feet per person. We request the authorities to raise this limit to 20-25 square feet per person and accordingly raise the total number of guests directly proportional to the area of the premises. We request the authorities to treat us at par with other industries and not be biased. Compared to other industries, weddings do not contribute to even 10% spread of corona virus."

 Because of heavy restrictions on legal venues, may weddings are conducted at illegal and unidentified venues. We request the authorities to define Legal and proper venues and give them permission for conducting wedding events with no of people according to the size of the venue. We also request them to take strict actions against illegal and unidentified venues. This will help to prevent spread of corona virus.

 In recent times, we have met many officials including MPs, commissioners and Mayor. We go assurance from everyone but no implementation has been done till now. We sincerely hope that the authorities come out with a separate ruleset for this industry as early as possible. Revival of this wedding industry will give immediate boost to economy as various other industries are dependent on it.


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