Thursday, March 4, 2021

VYRL Originals brings to you Dooriyan by Raghav Chaitanya starring Shivin Narang and Apoorva Arora.

4 th March’21: VYRL Originals has always been known to work with young and upcoming artists and this time around they bring to you ‘Dooriyan’ in the soulful voice of Raghav Chaitanya starring the Shivin Narang of Beyhadh 2 fame & Apoorva Arora who shot to fame with College Romance and her various roles in popular web shows.

This song has been finely composed by Anurag Saikia, who previously has been known for composing the popular song ‘Ek Tukda Dhoop’ from the Bollywood movie Thappad which was also sung by Raghav. Dooriyan has been beautifully written by Kunaal Vermaa and it intends to make listeners think about the decisions one makes in a relationship and the value of losing your love.

Directed by Inside Edge Fame - Karan Anshuman, the music video showcases the story of a young couple experiencing the highs & lows in their relationship. Shivin and Apoorva portraying as the couple are shown to have been parted while they are on trek. The gripping music video unfolds the story of Shivin desperately looking for his partner while memories from their past, perfectly summarizes how often we don’t value what we have until it’s lost.

Commenting on the track launch, Raghav Chaitanya said, “Dooriyan is an emotional song and very close to my heart. The music video will certainly make the audience hooked till the end. Dooriyan not only urges us to introspect but value our loved ones and Shivin and Apoorva have beautifully portrayed that message. I have always been wanting to release my song with VYRL Originals, and I’m extremely delighted to have launched Dooriyan with them. I have thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it, and it been a wonderful experience for me”

Excited about the release Shivin Narang said, “Cherishing and valuing love is so important and Dooriyan perfectly touches on that subject. Raghav has beautifully sung Kunaal Vermaa’s lyrics and Karan has craftily bought that to life with his direction in the video. People these days don’t think before they act, and I hope this song urges people to think once before taking any action. I had a great time shooting with Apoorva for this song and it was a lovely experience working with VYRL Originals. I really wish that Dooriyan connects with the audience.”

Commenting on Dooriyan, Apoorva Arora said, “I love Raghav’s voice. The lyrics struck a chord with me and Anurag sir’s music has added soul to the song. I hope shivin and I have been able to add value to the song visually and the audience loves it as much as we do. Team VYRL has put in a lot of  effort in brining all of this together and making it happen.”


About Raghav Chaitanya:

Raghav Chaitanya is a singer-songwriter and music composer in the Indian Music Industry. He sings in pretty much all genres, he can sing in all vocal registers, has a variable vocal range and is also a great overall musician. Raghav is the voice behind super-hit songs like Ek Tukda Dhoop, Aise Kyun, Baatein and Parwah to name a few. His original compositions have millions streams on Audio Streaming platforms. He is an amazing performer with great stage presence and emotional interpretation. Check out Raghav on Insta | YouTube

About Anurag Saikia:

Anurag Saikia is an Indian film score composer, music director and multi-instrumentalist from Assam, India. He is one of the youngest composers to be awarded with Rajat Kamal for Best Non-Feature Film Music Direction for the film Yugadrashta. Anurag is the man behind the music of hit tv series and movies such as Gullak, Panchayat, Article 15, Karwaan and Mulk. His singles Kukuha, Bae Babuni, Va Kanamma, Bambai Mein Ka Ba have broken barriers in terms of musical composition. In recent times, Anurag has received critical acclaim for his initiative of syncing 400yr old Borgeets with FAME symphonic orchestra in Are Kompito. Check out Anurag on Insta | FB | Twitter | YouTube

VYRL Originals – An EMI Records India Property:

VYRL Originals is Universal Music India’s platform dedicated to promoting and building the category and culture of non-film music in India. VYRL Originals is India’s first artist-focused platform and has been instrumental in introducing and developing some of the finest talent in the country. The artist-first and integrated approach with some of the finest marketing innovations across different releases has been the driving force of making VYRL Originals the most desirable music label for the artist community.

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