Sunday, October 9, 2022

Woman gives birth at Borivali railway station Apex Hospital & Western Railway avail facility for Medical Emergency in Borivali


Mumbai- Tohili Bano (22), a pregnant woman who was traveling from Jodhpur to Mumbai, gave birth to a healthy baby boy at the emergency medical room jointly run by Apex Hospital and Western Railway at Borivali station. Doctors said that this is the second such delivery in Mumbai. EMR Head and Senior Physician of Apex Hospital Dr. Umesh Gaikwad said, “Eight-month pregnant woman was coming from Jodhpur to Mumbai for delivery purposes. Her husband was also with her. But after crossing the Virar station, his stomach started churning. After the woman started vomiting, her husband told the employee working in the canteen. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the security personnel on duty in the said coach informed the Borivali station. Then the team of Borivali Railway Police Station Senior Police Inspector Anil Kadam and Police Sub-Inspector Jayashree Mughalgir with the help of RPF and other security guards brought the woman to the medical room of Apex Hospital at platform number 3 of Borivali station." 

At this time Dr. Umesh Gaikwad, Dr. Lakhichand Prajapati, Dr. Pankaj Rai, nurses Rekha Parmar and Savita Chaudhary delivered the woman successfully. She gave birth to a healthy and fit baby boy. The health of the baby and mother is good and they have been sent to Shatabdi Hospital. Apex Hospital and Western Railway jointly have a hospital at platform No. 3 which provides accident treatment, medical check-ups and other essential medical services. Apex Hospital Group has been implementing this initiative with Western Railway for the last 4 years as a social commitment. Through this initiative, medical facilities are being provided to thousands of passengers at low cost. GRP Kailas Shahane, Sushant Shinde, Devendra Shinde, Sagar Nagtilak Snhel Gawde, Home Guard Rani Borule, Siddhesh Kadam, Police Constable Jotiram Khote and Borivali Station Master Bharatbhushan Kakera and Station Superintendent Razak Shaikh were there for the safe delivery of the woman after 45 minutes after starting labour pain in Virar station. 

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