Tuesday, October 4, 2022

NephroPlus builds awareness around nutrition and smart eating to maintain kidney health

Mumbai- 4 October 2022 – NephroPlus, India's leading network of dialysis centers focused on redefining dialysis and renal care, reveals insights into the positive impact of nutrition to avoid further damage to the kidneys of dialysis patients. The initiative is another step undertaken by the brand to build awareness amongst dialysis patients on how food can help them manage their ailments. 

Dr. Suresh Sankar, Senior Vice President, Clinical Affairs, NephroPlus, said, "Eating the right foods and avoiding foods high in sodium, potassium, and phosphorus prevent or delay health complications amongst CKD patients. While there is a general lack of awareness about the role of diet and nutrition in managing health, awareness is more critical for dialysis patients. It is important for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease to know the nutritional value of the food they consume and how their eating and drinking habits directly impact their kidneys. In addition, knowing more about the calorie count of foods and the composition of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are much needed."

"The MDRD study – a scientific multicentre study in the 1990s, aimed to investigate the effect of protein restriction and blood pressure control on the progression of disease in patients with chronic renal diseases. It was observed that dietary interventions can have a positive effect in patients with moderate renal insufficiency. Also, among persons with more pronounced proteinuria, there was a significantly slower worsening of kidney fucntion", added Dr. Sankar.

The purpose of the diet is to keep the levels of electrolytes, minerals, and fluid in your body balanced when you have CKD or are on dialysis. 

Work with a dietitian to develop a meal plan that includes foods you enjoy eating while maintaining your kidney health. Again, a little bit of planning and organizing helps.

Listed below are a few things a dialysis patient can consider to manage their health condition.



"By eating a balanced diet, quitting smoking, remaining physically active, and maintaining body weight near you’re the recommended normal for our height will help protect their kidneys and prevent future damage. Diet is an important aid to medical therapy and in fact, enhances the response to medications ", concluded Dr. Sankar.

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