Friday, October 28, 2022

Breast Cancer Awareness month – October 2022

Obesity, inactive lifestyle leads to breast cancer among young women in India

Doctor's advice to lose excess weight on the occasion of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Mumbai: Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the world.  Although breast cancer accounts for 25 percent of all types of cancer, there is still a lack of public awareness about this disease.Along with this, lack of self-examination, cultural differences and apathy towards women's health are increasing the incidence of breast cancer in India.  Obesity is emerging as a major cause of breast cancer among women in urban areas.  Obesity among urban women is increasing due to economic prosperity, overeating, high calorie fast food, irregular eating and sleeping habits, smoking & increased alcohol consumption among women. This obesity causes diabetes and high blood pressure at a young age. It is also called 'metabolic syndrome' in medical terms and this obesity is the source of breast cancer. Also, due to career, late childbearing, not breastfeeding the child, and western diet to lose weight are major reasons for inviting the disease have come to the fore. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On this occasion Apex group of Hospitals has organized various seminars and breast cancer screening camps throughout the month. Giving more information about this, Dr. Aditi Agrawal, Breast Oncosurgeon, from Apex group of Hospitals said, "Despite fearing one in 10 women in the city, there is still little awareness among women about breast cancer. Risk factors for developing cancer include lifestyle, one of which is obesity. Obesity is excess body fat.  Obesity is seen in all age groups including children, women and men.  Wrong lifestyle, lack of exercise, sedentary work, wrong eating times, heredity, hormonal, emotional, environmental factors are contributing to obesity. Due to weight gain, extra fat in the body increases and this fat causes swelling of the inner part of the stomach, i.e. 'inflammation'.  The chemicals produced in the body due to this inflammation are harmful to the DNA of the cells and the metabolism of the cells.  The thickness gradually increases over the years.  Therefore, these chemicals are metabolized in the body and the risk of cancer increases. Women who are current smokers and have been smoking for more than 10 years appear to have about a 10 percent higher risk of breast cancer than women who've never smoked "

After menopause, the amount of estrogen produced by the ovaries decreases. But if obesity increases after menopause, this belly fat starts to produce estrogen and increases the risk of breast cancer because of the spoiled lifestyle of women.  If there is a good and balanced lifestyle from childhood, the incidence of cancer is reduced, added by Dr. Aditi Agrawal, Breast Oncosurgeon, from Apex group of Hospitals. Apex Group of Hospitals is a chain of Hospitals managed and run by expert Medical Professionals with experience of 25 years. Currently Apex group of Hospitals manages more than 350+ beds and provides qualitative healthcare services to the people of Mumbai and surrounding areas. Apex Hospitals is located in Borivali, Kandivali & Mulund.

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