Thursday, October 13, 2022

After Corona Pandemic Egg consumption has increased in India World Egg day -14 October

Mumbai - World Egg Day will be celebrated across the globe on Friday 14 October 2022. The annual event honors the highly nutritious and brilliantly versatile egg, highlighting the vast range of unique benefits it brings to human and planetary health, contributing to a better life for all. Eggs are considered as the standard reference protein in nutritional science because they contain all the essential amino acids (the elemental form of proteins) which cannot be synthesised by the human body and can be acquired only on consumption of foods rich in them. Explaining more on Eggs Benefits Mrinali Dwivedi, Clinical Nutritionist and Dietician, from Apex group of Hospitals, Mumbai said “It would surprise you to know that in a lot of coronavirus quarantine facilities around the world, patients in recovery are offered eggs with their daily meals. In a welcome move, Government bodies & Hospital authorities are also providing a lot of healthcare workers and frontline heroes eggs daily to boost immunity. Eggs contain selenium, as well as vitamins A, B, and K. These can help to fight Covid and keep the body healthy. Eggs contain amino acids and antioxidants that can help patients build a strong immune system to combat the virus. That is why Covid patients are recommended to eat eggs. The composition of amino acids in eggs is such, that is it is the most desirable and readily absorbable form of protein for the human body. Along with 6 grams of protein, eggs contain a variety of vitamins like folate (B9), cobalamin (B12), thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2) from the B complex, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin D; minerals like calcium, selenium, zinc and phosphorus and good fats like omega 3 acids. All of which are very essential for human wellbeing.”

Being the densest source of protein and a rich source of a number of vital nutrients, however, eggs are very cost effective and any other food is very less likely to provide all these benefits at the same cost added by Mrinali Dwivedi,  Clinical Nutritionist and Dietitian

Eggs are very widely consumed in all major as well minor meals of the day, that is breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack forms. They can be beneficial as a home remedy for good skin and hair also. The consumption of eggs is promoted by all governments and its importance has been highlighted even more after the Covid 19 pandemic due to its role in building immunity and coping with infections! A strategy to include eggs in mid-day meal programs at schools has also proven its health effects in children of lower socio economic backgrounds. Every year,14th October is celebrated as 'World Eggs Day' to mark its importance in the human diet and nutritional wellbeing. Eggs can be a great addition to your diet and help you keep away a number of common nutritional deficiencies. 

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