Tuesday, October 18, 2022

To Live the Intent of Honouring the Pathbreaking Writers, The Screenwriters Association Announces the Jury & Nominees for SWA Awards 2022

 18th October 2022, Mumbai: There would be no movie, song, serial or show on screen if someone did not write it before, screenwriting is a craft and the pathbreaking writers of the industry have been adding weight to this craft, time and again. To bestow the well-deserved honour to these writers, The Screenwriters Association has today announced the honourable Jury and Nominees for the third edition of the SWA Awards 2022 in Mumbai. 

Writers who have made the nation move to the tunes of their words through films, web series, songs and television were present at the announcement. Robin Bhatt, President, SWA, Zaman Habib General Secretary, SWA along with Dhananjay Kumar, Chairperson, SWA Awards 2022, Satyam Tripathy Convener, SWA Awards 2022, helmed the press conference. 

On the occasion of sharing the Jury and nominations of the SWA Awards,2022, Robin Bhatt, President, Screenwriters Association said, “SWA Awards was started as a dedicated effort to recognise, thank, acknowledge, appreciate and encourage the contributions of the creative personalities who have outshined in their screenwriting craft. We are proud and happy to announce that we have reached the 3rd edition of the awards. SWA 2022 has some brilliant writers in the Jury as well as the nominations. We hope that through this initiative, we can provide the writers with a platform through which they are seen and heard off screen too.” 

Zaman Habib, General Secretary, Screenwriters Association said, “Screenwriters generally do not get the appreciation and neither their efforts recognised in an industry that has been built up from their contribution. Thus, the SWA Awards are firstly to acknowledge, respect and admire writers and their contribution and secondly the awards are part of the larger endeavour of SWA to help its members further their craft and help them build their screenwriting careers. 

Dhananjay Kumar, Chairperson, SWA Awards said, “In our three years journey SWA Awards 2022 is the first time we are holding the ceremony offline in front of a live audience in an auditorium with guests invited from across various entertainment media and not just writers. Our screenwriting can only be appreciated on screen and so we want to celebrate the writer along with other shareholders who help in completing the journey of a screenwriter’s work. So, we shall have producers, media platform heads, directors and representatives of other craft associations from our entertainment industry.

The goal of the Screenwriters Association has been to spark relevant conversations with the industry leaders to establish new standards in screenwriting and content creation excellence.

SWA Awards is the only Indian Award, dedicated to the writers and lyricists of the industry. This year will see creative minds across 17 categories being recognised for their contribution to the art of storytelling of India. The award categories for 2022 will pan across Feature Films, Television, Web Series-Original, Lyrics, Web Series-Adaptation.

Visionaries who have won accolades and appreciation globally for their writing, have been part of the esteemed Jury for SWA Awards 2022. The eminent names from the jury for 2022 are Sutanu Gupta, Vinay Shukla, N Chandra, Dilip Shukla, Sanjay Masoom, Avinash Das, Nawab Aarzoo, Faiz Anwar, Mughda Godbole-Ranade, Anooj Kapoor, Dr. Bodhisattva, Bijesh Jayarajan, Deepak Pachory, Niren Bhatt, Devika Bhagat, Vikram Tuli, Divya Prakash Dubey, Chandan Kumar and Saurav Dey. 

The distinguished jury members present at the press release spoke about their experience of judging the best and also shared their wisdom to foster the professional development of screenwriters and start a dialogue that promotes a creative communication throughout the screenwriting community.

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