Monday, October 10, 2022

The Endometriosis Foundation of India launched in Hyderabad


·         First of its kind foundation dedicated to endometriosis in India

·         Foundation aims to bring public awareness  and help frame health policies and initiatives

·         Eminent people from various public , social and health field part of the foundation.

·         More than 25 million women are estimated to be suffering from endometriosis in India


10th October 2022, Hyderabad : For the first time in India a foundation dedicated to the cause of Endometriosis and for Endometriosis patients was launched in Hyderabad with the objective to create awareness and help frame health policies which benefit the Endometriosis patients and general public and women in particular.


More than 25 million women are estimated to be suffering from endometriosis in India and it has emerged as a leading cause of infertility among women and causes infertility in 30-50% of them


Endometriosis is one of the most common health conditions in the world yet it is one of the most missed, misdiagnosed and misunderstood diseases. It affects 1 in 10 women & those assigned female at birth, from puberty to menopause – and the effects can be felt for life. 


It is a condition that can cause chronic pelvic pain, painful periods, painful sex, bowel and bladder problems, fatigue, difficulty getting pregnant and other symptoms.


Endometriosis has significant social, public health and economic consequences as it severely impacts physical, mental and social well- being of the patient. The debilitating pain during periods, sexual intercourse, heavy bleeding, chronic pelvic pain, fatigue and infertility decreases overall quality of life. 


To tackle this silent debilitating condition in our country, the Endometriosis Foundation of India has been initiated. The Foundation is headquartered in Hyderabad with advocacy groups throughout the country.


The foundation was the brain child of Dr Vimee Bindra - Fertility Enhancing Surgery Specialist: Endometriosis Excision Surgery Specialist & Co-Founder “ENDOCRUSADERS”.  The foundation will have eminent personalities from various fields who among others include


·         Dr C Archana Reddy, Hyderabad

·         Dr Hemant Kanojia, Mumbai

·         Dr Manjiri Valsangkar, Pune

·         Dr P Swetha, Hyderabad

·         Dr Priya Bhave, Bhopal

·         Dr Seema Pandey, Azamgarh

·         Dr Shilpa Rao, Pune


Speaking on the occasion, Dr Vimee Bindra states, “It is going to take us all, working together, to tackle one of the world’s greatest healthcare challenges. It’s appalling that no one is aware about Endometriosis in our society, when in fact it’s as common as diabetes. Drastic action is necessary to successfully respond to this debilitating condition. It is time to build a better healthcare ecosystem for all who need it now, and will in the future. I hope that this Foundation shall be the start of real change for the Endometriosis community. We will not rest until tangible improvements are delivered to all those people who unfortunately suffer from this condition. ”


The Foundation is seeking and supporting collaborations among stakeholders such as the national and state governments, community-based organizations, educational institutions, the private sector, and research institutions and individuals, to invest in efforts that spur awareness.


With a multi-pronged approach, the Foundation aims to be active in the following areas.


·              Implementing guidelines and quality standards on Endometriosis treatment, diagnosis and care

·              Increasing education at care-giver level.

·              Investing in endometriosis awareness through a public health campaign

·              Facilitating an India-wide patient advocacy program that acts as a vital support system for pre-op, post-op and mental health of Endometriosis patients.

·              Devise and execute funding programs for Endometriosis research






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