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Quench Botanics: This one ingredient will give you a brightening glow like never before!

Citrus fruits are rich sources of vitamins that keep the immune system strong and healthy. If your insides are healthy, your outsides are bound to be healthy too.  Yuzu, the powerhouse of vitamins, not only helps your skin have a glow-y but also pumps up your body with truckloads of nutrients. Yuzu has tons of antioxidants that help your skin radiate from within.  Be it dryness, dullness, or dehydrated skin, Yuzu takes care of all your concerns! The essential nutrients that Yuzu provides have a lot to offer from relaxation to younger-looking skin. This wonder ingredient must be added to your skincare regime as its benefits will blow your mind. With the festive season just around the corner, give your skin the bright glow it craves for. Cut down your salon trips with this miracle ingredient.

Benefits of Yuzu: 


Do you suffer from skin infections, acne, and bacteria? Keep these skin troubles at bay with the application of yuzu-infused products free of problems. Yuzu is infused with ingredients that keep your skin free from all the troubles. 


Who doesn’t want younger-looking skin? With Yuzu known for its anti-aging properties, it stimulates collagen production which helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. Yuzu is your golden ticket to achieving a fresh face. 


Yuzu has a tranquil citrus scent that not only makes you feel good but also relaxes your skin. Yuzu’s scent helps us to relax, calm our anxiety and lower our heart rate in less than 15 minutes, isn’t that amazing? Wait, there is more to it, it not only improves blood circulation but also treats acne and blemishes. 


Hydrated skin is correspondent to glowing and healthy skin. Our skin requires moisture to regain its balance and ward off skin troubles like itchiness, breakouts, and dryness.  Yuzu provides just the right amount of hydration and moisture to your skin without feeling heavy or sticky. Having moist skin is a key to having healthy and glow-y skin.


Your skin will thank you for all the nutrients you are providing to it. Both the flesh and peel of Yuzu are filled with tons of antioxidants, which gives you healthy-looking skin. Shield your skin from harsh environmental factors like UV rays and pollution with, Yuzu.

Have a look at the Quench Botanics Yuzu range for a dazzling look this festive season!


 It’s a good day, yuz-ers! Indulge in our refreshing Quench Botanics’ Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash to deep cleanse, exfoliate and add intense moisture to your skin. Ideal to revive a dull, tired-looking complexion, this superfood ‘yuzu’ powered face wash removes all impurities, grime and detoxifies skin. It prevents and treats acne, blackheads, pigmentation, open pores and an uneven skin tone. Yuzu is a distinctive citrus fruit hybrid known for its delicious aroma and is an antioxidant powerhouse. With 3X more vitamin than lemon, this glow-boosting fruit not only prevents wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles but also improves skin elasticity, hydrates and adds a pretty dewy glow to your skin. Dryness, dullness or blotchy skin - Yuzu takes care of all your concerns! This skin-loving, alcohol-free face wash is perfect for daily use.

Price: 499/-  


Brighter, clearer skin with one swipe? You read that right! It's time to raise the bar of naturally glowing skin with our Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Brightening Toner. We're very serious when we say that this toner is the shortest route to a poreless, smoother skin. How? It has actives like ascorbic acid and niacinamide that work in synergy to deep cleanse, refine pores and make your skin look much better. It also has the goodness of watermelon and blueberry that deeply moisturize and fight signs of ageing. But, we're not done yet. The superstar yuzu lemon is a superfood rich in antioxidants, that deep cleanses to remove impurities, improves skin elasticity, smoothens fine lines and keeps skin perfectly balanced, fresh and radiant!

Price: 449/- 


Try this supercharged 2-in-1 scrub and clay mask for an ultimate skin detoxification! Quench introduces rejuvenating Yuzu Fine 2-in-1 Vitamin C Scrub and Clay Mask that deep cleanses your pores, gets rid of excess sebum and brightens your skin instantly. Powered by 'yuzu', a superfood with 3X more vitamin C then lemon, this antioxidant-rich clay mask with gentle exfoliating ingredients like ascorbic acid and apricot seed powder unclogs pores, removes tan, dead skin and impurities to reveal smoother, healthier-looking and radiant complexion. Whether you're dealing with oily skin, clogged pores, dullness, or inflammation, you can't go wrong with this multi-tasking clay face mask packed with vitamins and minerals. This gentle kaolin based clay mask and scrub zaps oil and shine without drying out your skin. The refreshing watermelon and blueberry extracts soothe redness, minimize large pores, protect your skin from environmental damage and make it plump and dewy soft. Perfectly suited for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin, this gentle 2-in-1 scrub and clay mask is the TLC your skin needs.

Price: 499/-   

About Quench Botanics: www.quenchbotanics.com

We, at Quench, believe in the power of high-quality Korean beauty products inspired by the goodness of natural ingredients. Beauty should be easy and make you feel happy! Our forever aim is to bring you the most luscious, skin rejuvenating formulas that are safe, toxin-free and evoke your inner glow!

Each one of us is different. And, each one of us is beautiful. At Quench, we take great care in simplifying Korean beauty for you and bringing the most unique and authentic skincare formulas that relentlessly work to make your skincare routine much more effective. All our products are best suited for Indian skin and help it reset to its best and the supplest state ever.

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