Wednesday, January 6, 2021

5 must-try games that topped the charts in 2020

With 2020 being a year where all of us have indulged in mobile games and spent days and nights figuring out how to outplay each other in Ludo and single out the ‘imposter’, here are some of our favourite games that topped the charts in 2020 & ones you cannot miss. 

  • Rogue Heist

Looking for an exciting game that gives you an adrenaline rush? Rogue Heist, India’s first home-made first-person shooter game, has been the perfect game for online shooter game lovers. With never-ending gunplay and a heist, one can play Rogue Heist in solo or multiplayer mode. It promises an intense, engaging, and unique experience of an online shooter game. You have the option to choose from the 4 different specialists and customize your guns and specialists with striking skins. So go ahead, build your team, make a fool-proof strategy, and pick a gaming mode from the 3 different gaming modes available on MPL.

  • Speed Chess

Everyone who has watched the recent Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has had an undeniable itch to try their hands at this intellectually stimulating and exciting game. Speed chess is the traditional chess game brought on your mobile phones for you to play at your convenience. Speed chess is a skill and strategy-based online board game that proves to be one of the best games for stimulating the brain. Children and adults can play chess online even if they have just started practising it. Winning the game requires a strong strategy, learning a few tricks and moves, and regular dedicated practice. Think you are up for the challenge?

  • Ludo

We’re all already nostalgic about playing Ludo with our friends all day and night during the first months of the lockdown and we are still not over our weekly Ludo nights! Ludo has been a much-loved game for centuries and is a part of our best childhood memories. To win in this exciting online board game, you will have to plan a strategy to get your pieces safely to the endpoint while also killing your opponent’s pieces. Just stick to your end goal, and join the race to the finish line.

  • Among Us

A recent favourite, Among Us is a multiplayer game where 10 players get dropped into an alien spaceship, sky headquarters or planet base, where each player is designated with a private role of either being a “crewmate” and an “impostor.” This is an online multiplayer social deduction game, and a player can either be a crewmate or an imposter. One can play it online or on local WiFi with their friends. This is a game of survival, where you either have to vote to find all of the imposters and complete all the tasks, and the imposter has to kill all of the crewmates or stop them from completing the designated tasks to win. Think you can find the imposter in our midst?


  • Bubble Shooter

Shooting colourful bubbles is a great stress buster. The game is super easy to understand and play and doesn’t require mastering different skills to win. The Bubble Shooter gameplay involves clearing the colourful bubbles at the top of the screen by shooting the bubble from the cannon and aiming for a group of same-colour bubbles. All you have to do is prevent the bubbles from touching the bottom of the screen. You can use a few tricks to get rid of the bubbles faster and level up. We’ve been bubbling with excitement over this game!

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