Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Kid App Creators From WhiteHat Jr Leave R Madhavan Awestruck As They Share Their Coding Experience

~Video series shares the story behind the apps created by 8-year-old Manya, 10-year-old Agastya and 11-year-old Yuvraj~


Mumbai, 20 January 2021: EdTech start-up WhiteHat Jr’s students Manya, Agastya and Yuvraj recently interacted with celebrated actor R Madhavan to share their thoughts and motivation, which led them to create the apps PicKaboo, Pat a Pet and Med Maze, respectively. The actor spent time with the young creators to understand their inspiration, quizzing them about the development process and their experiences of learning to code. Madhavan, a technology enthusiast, was impressed by the sheer display of compassion & intellect, which went way beyond the kids’ age. These interactive sessions were released today by WhiteHat Jr in a three-part video series.


Since its launch in 2018, WhiteHat Jr has continually empowered children to view themselves as creators.


8-year-old Manya Singhal from Haryana has created the PicKaboo app. She loves to teach her little sister everything she knows. With the concepts she learnt with WhiteHat Jr, Manya has developed an application that would help kids of her sister’s age group get information on their own in a fun way.


10-year-old Agastya Singh Yadav from Noida has created Pat a Pet, an app for pet owners to connect with foster families for their pets while they are away. Agastya tapped into his own real-life challenge of finding a loving and caring foster home for his pet when he had to be away from home during his vacations.


11-year-old Yuvraj Shah from Kolkata has created the Med Maze app to help people donate their unused but not expired medicine to people who need them but cannot afford them. Yuvraj hopes to be able to improve healthcare for the underprivileged by helping them access medicines easily.


Here is what R Madhavan has to say of his experience of engaging with these tech-whiz kids, “Kids are our future and every time I connect with these bright, young minds, I am left even more awestruck than before. It is wonderful to see kids this young learning how to code and creating apps. I’ve seen the apps that Manya, Agastya and Yuvraj have created and it takes a lot of skilled guidance and mentoring to be able to mold kids’ minds to think in such a manner. At a young age, the mind is more supple and receptive to new thoughts, ideas and learnings. There are also no inherent inhibitions to curb one’s creativity. All they need is the correct guidance and I am glad to see that WhiteHat Jr is effectively empowering kids.”


Talking about the students’ inspiring work featured in the latest videos, WhiteHat Jr, Founder and CEO, Karan Bajaj said, “The holy grail of edtech is individualized outcomes for each child as each and every one of them is special.  Our 1:1 live online learning aims to deliver on this promise. We are delighted to see that kids such as Manya, Agastya and Yuvraj and so many others look upon themselves as creators and not just passive consumers of technology.”


The videos of Madhavan will be hosted on WhiteHat Jr’s official YouTube channel. Viewers will be able to witness the fun exchange of ideas between Madhavan and the kids and learn more about the apps that Manya, Agastya and Yuvraj have created. 


About WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Jr. has been launched with a singular mission of enabling kids to become creators versus consumers of technology. Kids learn logic, structure, sequence and algorithmic thinking to generate creative outcomes like animations and apps.

To date, we have taught more than 175k students across the globe, including countries such as India, the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Our 11,000 strong women-only teacher workforce conducts more than 40,000+ 1:1 LIVE online classes every day on our proprietary platform.

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