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75% of women in Maharashtra have only 30 minutes a day to follow their passion, reveals Gemini® Cooking Oils Survey

Gemini’s Nutri FreshLock Technology allows consumers to save time spent in the kitchen and spend more time doing what they want  


Navi Mumbai, January -14, 2020: A recent survey conducted by Gemini cooking oils across 10 cities in Maharashtra revealed that 6 in 10 women in Maharashtra would like to save time spent on cooking and engage more in their interests and passion. #IgnitingAspirations survey also found that 61 percent of women between the ages of 40 and 45 spend most of their time doing household chores, especially cooking and childcare, despite the fact that more than 60 percent of those customers surveyed seek to be more than homemakers.


The survey also found that 84 percent of women in Nashik felt that fewer hours spent on cooking could help them develop their personal interests, a trend echoed by only 31 percent of women in Nagpur.


The research shows that women firmly believe in the importance of managing their family’s health and nutrition. 65 percent of women surveyed felt that food cooked by them safer and healthier. However, they would like to save time on household work to focus on their personal aspirations, with 60% of Maharashtra women saying they want to pursue their passion. Nashik, Solapur, and Pune are top three cities where they are keen to engage more in their own interests if their household work were to reduce by even 30 minutes a day. The survey also revealed that 37 percent of women sought more support and encouragement from family members to follow their passion. 


Commenting on the survey, Subin Sivan, marketing head, Cargill’s oils business in India said, “The findings from the Gemini oil #IgnitingAspirations survey reinforces Gemini’s brand stance of unlocking more time for our consumers. The results reveal that the number of hours that homemakers spend in the kitchen are significant and has increased even more during the pandemic, leaving them with even less time for themselves. This further strengthens our commitment to continue to innovate with product offerings like Nutri FreshLock technology to help unlock time away from the kitchen that homemakers could direct towards their interests and passions.

Key findings:


·        57% of women in Maharashtra would like to reduce time spent on cooking for them to pursue their aspirations


·        70% women between the age of 40 to 45 years said that they used to pursue their interests before getting married


·        Almost 60% women want to follow their hobbies if they could spend less time on household chores.


·        9 in 10 women believe in equal workload with men in their households. This trend is more prevalent among younger women surveyed, 95% in Kolhapur, 94% in Pune and Thane and 89% of women in Nashik and Nagpur respectively.

Key findings:


·        80% of women do most of the cooking for their household themselves, as it is considered healthier and due to absence of any support

·        Cooking (100 mins a day) and childcare (133 minutes a day) are most time-engaging, followed by cleaning and grocery shopping, as per women surveyed

·        97% women said that household workload rises during festivals due to increased cleaning and cooking requirements, leaving them with even lesser time for themselves.

·        Women in tier II cities lead with the idea of gender equality at home, expect men to help more with household activities

·        Younger men more likely to support women in household work, 74% women between 21-25 years in the state receive support from men, even more in larger cities like Thane (99%), Navi Mumbai (90%), Mumbai (82%) and Pune (80%)

·        9 in 10 women said they believe in the equal sharing of responsibilities with men in their households, a trend most pronounced among the younger women surveyed, including 95% in Kolhapur, 94% in Pune and Thane, and 89% of women in Nashik and Nagpur, respectively.

·        64% women in Maharashtra pursued a career, interest or passion when they were singleafter marriage health of family (54%) and childcare (57%) became their primary focus

·        60% women would still like to follow their aspiration if their family supports with household work (30%) and encourages them (37%).



These findings reinforce the use of Gemini Oils for cooking as Nutri FreshLock technology unlocks more time for consumers, hence enabling them to follow their passion. Gemini’s Nutri FreshLock Technology and packaging prevents oxidation of oil and keeps the quality of the oil intact. Thus, food cooked in Gemini oils retain their nutrients and freshness for a longer time. This means the need for meal preparation is reduced, allowing for women to pursue other interests.  


About the survey:


The Gemini #IgnitingAspirations Survey was conducted by Gemini cooking oils, the flagship brand of Cargill’s edible oils business in India and Maharashtra’s leading cooking oil brand. The survey was conducted in December 2020 and gathered feedback from 1,200 respondents across ten cities in Maharashtra - Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Amravati, Kolhapur, Solapur and Aurangabad. It offers insights into how the lives of homemakers are affected by their household chores and what support they need in order to follow their passion.

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