Friday, January 29, 2021

Visaka Industries Ltd. donates ATUM (solar powered) street vendor carts to 13 beneficiaries in Hyderabad.

Hyderabad, 29 Jan 2021: Visaka Industries Limited donated 13 ATUM (Solar Powered) Street Vendor Carts to beneficiaries in Hyderabad as part of its social responsibility programme to support marginalized communities as well as promote sustainable and eco-friendly products. With this, the total ATUM Street Vendor carts, donated by Visaka Industries Limited, now stands at 75.

Each ATUM (solar powered) street vendor cart is fabricated at a cost of INR 40,000/-. It takes 6 hours for the ATUM Street Vendor Carts to be charged and this power can be used for 48 hours with one full charge. Visaka Industries Limited has provided a tube & socket to charge mobile.

The ATUM powered Street Vendor Carts will allow each beneficiary to save up to INR 2500/- per month which they would have otherwise used for renting Cart & Battery powered LED lights. This will allow him to recoup the cost in one and half years.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Vamsi GaddamJoint Managing Director, Visaka Industries Ltd, said“We have donated a total of 75 ATUM Street vendor Carts. The ATUM (Solar Powered) Street Vendor Carts are a boon for street vendors. Not only will they benefit financially by not having to spend on battery-powered LED lights, but they will also be using clean power which will benefit the environment. The ATUM (Solar powered) street vendor carts further strengthen our vision to innovate and focus on sustainable and green technologies Visaka Industries Limited remains committed to promote eco-friendly products and all our business segments are testimony to our commitment towards the environment.”


P.S Note: Also present at the even were Mr J.P Rao, Mr Sunil and Mr Kashyap to donate the street vendor carts to 13 beneficieries.

About Visaka Industries Ltd. 

Established in 1981, Visaka Industries Ltd. (NSE: VISAKAIND, BSE: VISAKAIND) is the second-largest manufacturer of cement roofing sheets in the country.  The company has multiple product portfolios ranging from corrugated cement sheets, fibre cement boards, hybrid solar roofs, and manmade yarn. Visaka also manufactures and is a global supplier of its Wonder Yarn, a manmade spool that has carved a niche for various fabric applications across garments, apparel, furnishings, automotive fabrics, and other technical textiles. Visaka has 12 manufacturing units, 13 marketing offices, and a PAN India distribution channel of over 7000 dealer outlets. 

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About ATUM

ATUM, the world’s first integrated solar roof, generates electricity and is a completely integrated, seamless solar roof made with poly or mono-crystalline solar cells and cement boards - a highly durable roofing material making it world’s first solar panel which can be directly used as a roof.

ATUM does not need any roof underlay like many conventional solar tiles available in the market. As a roof it has mechanical properties which are far superior to tiles/ shingles/conventional panels. ATUM provides 20-40% higher capacity in a given area which makes it a go to product for utilising the roof area for generating solar power. It also generates 20- 40% more power compared to the traditional solar roofs. Atum also looks aesthetically appealing and gives an additional floor space which is not possible with the traditional systems. This makes the ROI with ATUM less than 4 years and a highly attractable investment. Therefore, a consumer can expect to break-even in less than 4 years and enjoy free power for the next 25 years.

In 2020, Visaka Industries Limited was granted a 20-year patent for its ATUM Solar Roof. The patent was granted for the invention titled “Eco-Friendly Energy Generating Roof.” ATUM secured the prestigious UL Certification as per International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. ATUM has also been certified by the Campbell Corporation, to take a uniform load of 780 lbs per sqft, a snow load of 2200 lbs, and the jointing mechanism is a patented leak proof system as per American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) standards. It is a roof which is class A fire rated and designed to take wind speeds of over 150kmph making it hurricane proof. ATUM uses GreenPro Certified material which makes it a highly sustainable, reliable, and safe solar roof.

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