Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Acer launches three exciting series of True Wireless Audio earphones in India

Acer introduces the premium wireless earbuds under the Gateway brand along with two more exciting true wireless ear pods under Acer brand



  • The Gateway True Wireless earbuds (GAHR012) come with a premium and futuristic design in an elegant white colour with a vinyl finish. Offering features like instant connectivity, in-ear sound insulation, and a snug stick-form fit, this headset can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.
  • The Gateway earbuds features an ‘in the ear’ design which makes it apt for students and professionals alike who are on the move. Enabled with features like passive noise cancellation, touch/tap control, and long battery life, this headset offers a great value proposition.
  • The Acer True Wireless earbuds (GAHR 010) and (GAHR 011) comes in an ultramodern black finish with a translucent cap. Facilitated with both Type-C Port and USB Plug and Play, it promises hassle-free charging. Some of the standout features of this headset include great sound quality, perfect fit and digital LED display on the case. 


Mumbai, January 19, 2021: ACER, the leading global technology brand, has unveiled a series of True Wireless earphones for a truly unplugged but connected life at home or the outdoors for students, professionals, trekkers and adventure enthusiasts amongst others.


These new headsets are designed to offer prolonged use with IPX4 water resistance and a host of convenience features for the user. Enabled with features like fast charging, long battery life, high standby time, and more importantly easy connectivity, noise cancellation and great sound ensure that these headsets offer a superior experience. Besides, the touch/tap control makes the using it a breeze along with one tap to summon the voice assistant for a true hands-free use.


Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sudhir Goel, Chief Business Officer, Acer India, stated, “Keeping up with the pressing need to be connected, Acer has gone the extra mile to bring the best of our technology through our True Wireless Audio earbuds under Gateway and Acer brand. Right from ease of use to the fine make, from seamless connectivity to affordable pricing, our new range of earbuds exceed customer expectations in every regard. We believe these will prove to be instrumental in enhancing the connected life at home as well as on-the-go.



Gateway True Wireless earbuds (GAHR012)

The Gateway premium true wireless earbuds from Acer enjoys a classy design in a vinyl finish, complete with an elegant white colour in a stick form factor. Enabled with the fast pairing feature, this True Wireless earbuds instantly connects with the user’s phone, tablet or PC the moment when the case is opened. The Current Battery Display helps the user know the battery state of the earbuds as well as the case. Not only is this headset ideal for Learn From Home Students and Working Professions who need to be on call for a significant number of hours, but their snug fit makes these earbuds perfect for travel and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. 


With a full-charge time in just 1.5 hours through Type-C Port, this headset offers a long standby time of 24 hours. The headset comes with Touch/Tap Control for music, calls as well as voice assistance apps.


The Gateway True Wireless earbuds (GAHR012) is priced at Rs. 4,499.


Acer True Wireless Audio earbuds (GAHR 010) and (GAHR 011)

Offered in a classy black finish, the Acer True Wireless (GAHR010) earbuds comes in ‘In the Ear’ form. The charging case is facilitated with a translucent cover which offers easy access to the LED digital display. When connected via Bluetooth to the phone, the battery percentage of the headset is visible on the top right corner of the phone for added ease of use. Ideal for students and professionals with long on-call hours, this headset offers complete comfort and convenience to the user thanks to features like the great sound quality and passive noise cancellation.  


Enabled with a type-C Port for charging for the GAHR 010 model and USB Type C + USB Type A in the GAHR 011 model, the Acer earbuds can be fully charged in 1.5 hours, post which it offers a long standby time of 24 hours. The headset comes with Touch/Tap Control for music, calls as well as voice assistance apps.


The Acer True Wireless Audio earbuds (GAHR 010) and (GAHR 011) is priced at Rs. 2,999.



The latest Acer True Wireless Audio earbuds (GAHR 010) and (GAHR 011) are available to purchase from Acer online store by visiting the link https://store.acer.com/en-in/accessories/true-wireless-audio.


Gateway True Wireless earbuds (GAHR012) along with The Acer True Wireless Audio earbuds (GAHR 010) and (GAHR 011) are available on Flipkart as well as Amazon from the following links:

Flipkart Links – GAHR 010GAHR 011 and Gateway

Amazon Links – GAHR 010GAHR 011 and Gateway

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