Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Demand for wider screen laptops and tablets grow with online learning taking precedence: Flipkart Insights

With schools taking education online and the growing opportunities for e-learning, students are also upgrading their education essentials to make the learning process more intuitive and impactful. This has led to a rise in the demand for wider screen laptops and tablets along with other electronic devices.


According to search insights by India’s homegrown e-commerce company Flipkart, there has been a significant increase in the demand for laptops and tablets in the past one year with a jump of 200% and 90% respectively on a pre and post lockdown basis. Additionally, the demand for wider screen tablets has increased with the share of 10 inches tablets growing to almost 11% from 2% in December 2020 alone. While customers, particularly students, earlier preferred 8 inches tablets, they are now seeking larger sized screens that are visually appealing and offer a better experience as they spend more time in front of their screens. Furthermore, a review analysis done by Flipkart revealed that an increasing number of customers preferred laptops with larger screens for a better experience.


To improve customer experience, Flipkart has created a curated set of offerings across laptops, tablets and IT peripherals on its platform on the occasion of World Education Day which falls on January 25th and has launched initiatives such as the Student Club Program to make it easier for them to access their learning material in an affordable manner.


Commenting on this trend, Rakesh Krishnan, Senior Director, Electronics, Flipkart said, “As a homegrown e-commerce marketplace, Flipkart has a nuanced understanding of customers and is always looking for ways to fulfill their evolving needs. We have worked on a curated set of selection along with our brand partners to bring the best products for the customers work and learning activities. While the demand for learning essentials such as laptops, tablets, routers have been growing significantly over the past one year, customers are preferring to purchase wider screen computing products to complement their learning experience. This is also a testament to the evolution of the computing products market where experience is gaining equal prominence as of performance.”


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