Monday, January 25, 2021

The new year to witness a rise in free to play games model

 ·         According to Google-KMPG. online gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate year upon year, and is expected to be worth $1.1 billion by next year

·         Online gaming has gained a strong foothold within the Indian entertainment industry

·         India is a young country with over 75% of its population under the age of 45, making it one of the largest potential markets for online gaming in terms of volume

·         The evolving gaming market is also attracting investors from the community, while the new year has seen a spike in players on gaming platforms, free to play game models have seen this spike too

·         Gaming companies like Pocket Aces’ loco witnessed a significant growth of 6x in DAUs in the July 2020 alone and expect the number to grow this year as well


About Loco

Loco is India’s leading live game streaming and esports app by Pocket Aces. Dedicated to democratizing gaming entertainment, Loco allows users to stream games such as FreeFire, Call of Duty etc. on its mobile app. Since its inception, the platform has 24M registered users till date, 3 million cash prize winners and has successfully rolled out more than 2,000 quizzes with multiple branded games. Loco is currently available on Android and iOS platforms, and has a highly engaged community of 2.2 lakh on Facebook, 1.9 lakh on Instagram and 60k on Twitter. Loco aims to keep gamers entertained across the country.


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