Tuesday, January 19, 2021

India is a key market in our business growth plan

 Leadrank Tools Inc, is well known for manufacturing and providing complete solutions to Diamond and Abrasive Tools. They specialise in manufacturing of Diamond & CBN Grinding Wheels, Diamond & CBN Mounted Points, Diamond Files, Diamond Brushes, Diamond Dressers, along with Finishing stone, Abrasive Wheel, Oil Stone, Polishing Stone, Air Grinders and Electric Grinders.

The company has a product center in Chennai and is interested to connect with  dealers, distributors & agents of Diamond Tools & Abrasives Tools. They talk about their company and strategic plans for India, in an interview:


1.       Please share a brief introduction of the company.

Leadrank Co. was established in 1990. We are specialized in diamond tools, CBN wheels, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide abrasive wheels.

We supply and focus on grinding, polishing, cutting, drilling, and deburring tools. Our business philosophy is ”Professional Technical, Excellent Quality, Integrity Service”.


2.       What are the current product trends / innovation in your product segment?

Our product trends are precise, sharpness, and long lifetime.

Our innovation of the product as we make more recipes of new tools and also cooperate with some high end users, which we can improve our performance better!


3.       How relevant is the Indian market for your product and services?

Our tools are suitable for Indian Market, because we have very good quality and reasonable cost which can raise the competitiveness of the product. The service will be handled by distributors whom we support.


4.       What are the business plans for the India market?

We aim to strengthen our business portfolio in India through potential buyers, dealers, and distributors all over India. We will also raise awareness about our products through participation in exhibitions in India, exposure on the online shop and other industry events.


5.       Do you have a presence in the Indian market currently? Which are your priority markets?

We have some business in India currently and our priority market is the spotlight on Automobiles, Tool makers and Glass.


6.       Do you have any partners in India? Which are potential players you would like to partner with here?

Yes, we have some partners in India like Unitech Sales Corporation, Spee Traders, and V2 Solutions, to name a few.


7.       Highlight some of your key products for the Indian Market?

Some of our key product offerings include Resin bond wheels, diamond/CBN mounted wheels, oil stones, vitrified diamond wheels, etc.


8.       What has been the impact of COIVD pandemic on your business and how did you tackle the challenge?

There were some impacts with end users. We Leadrank upgrade our manufacturing process, technical, lead time to ensure and match customer demand in the future.


9.       How does TPC help you in strengthening business footprint in India?

The TPC helps us to search the buyers and contact them, and helps us promote our brand in India.

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