Tuesday, January 26, 2021

India is an important market for our business growth plans

Acon Optics Communication Inc, a leading manufacturer & solution provide for Fibre Optical Components Industry is specialized in manufacturing of FTTA Hybrid Patch cord, CPRI Patch cord, MPO Connector / Adaptor, LC Connector / Adaptor, SC Connector / Adaptor, LC HD Uniboot Connector, LC Quad Inner Shutter, MT Ferrule MM 12F / MPO Connector, SC-LC ransverter, PLC Splitter, FTTA Solution, MPO/MTP Solution, Data Center Solution, 36 - 432 Port Panel Module, Splicing tray.

They share their story and strategic plans for India in an exclusive interview:

Please share a brief introduction of the company.

ACON OPTICS has more than 20 years of design and manufacturing capabilities with specialties such as in

passive fiber optics interconnect and optical components for solutions in telecommunications, data

center, fiber to the antenna, fiber to the home etc. Our product coverage includes single-mode or multi-

mode ferrules, connectors, adapters, and patchcords. ACON OPTICS aims to be your reliable partner in

providing innovative design and products to meet your future solutions.

What are the current product trends / innovation in your product segment?

 MPO connector & MT Ferrule:

ACON OPTICS is featuring a revolutionary multiple fibers MPO connectors whose MT ferrule has

a low insertion loss of 0.35dB (Max) that meets the IEC 61755-3-31 standards. Our MPO

connectors can support 40G/100G/200G needs. This connector is essential for Data Center and

high density applications.

 LC Mini Connector 32mm:

ACON OPTICS has developed a new LC connector which has an 18mm space saving as compared

to the current connectors in the market. Its short boot design provides space saving for adapting

front panel cabling. This connector is essential for 5G related applications to Tele and Data

communications, FTTx (fiber to the x) deployment.

 LC BTW (behind the wall) connector 25mm

ACON OPTICS has created the world’s smallest LC behind the wall connector which is 50%

shorter in connector length as compared to the standard LC connector. It is a significant space

saving on back end of panel and small cassette for data center application.

 Data Center Application

ACON OPTICS product line for Data Center applications includes multiple fibers MPO product

line, LC mini connector line, LC 8 port adapter and LC inner shutter adapter.

How relevant is the Indian market for your product and services?

We see India as a potential market with increasing demand for our category

What is the business plans for the India market?

We plan to expand our business portfolio by reaching out to all fiber patch cord assembly companies and

total solution company to use AOPT’s products.

Do you have any partners in India? Which are potential players you would like to partner with here?

Yes, we would like to partner with those companies who have patch cord production line and doing

FTTA/FTTH/data center business.

Highlight some of your key products for the Indian Market?

Some of our key products include Fiber optic connector/adapter/patch cords.

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