Friday, December 2, 2022

Zetwerk Makes Acquires U.S.-based Unimacts at a Valuation of $39 Million, To Strengthen Its International Operations

This announcement comes less than six months after Zetwerk acquired three Indian manufacturing supply chains across aerospace & defense, oil & gas, and railways segments

Bengaluru, December 2, 2022: Zetwerk Manufacturing, the global source of manufacturing across industrial and consumer products, today announced it has acquired Unimacts, a leading manufacturing services company operating within various industries including industrial products, material handling, and renewable energy segments. 

Zetwerk’s acquisition of Unimacts will position the company for additional expansion and diversification, providing immediate access to marquee solar and wind-power customers. Additionally, Zetwerk will gain access to the large-scale consolidated demand Unimacts has generated thus far, which will be serviced by the company’s massive global supply base. Similarly, the company will benefit from Unimacts’ notable industry expertise in renewable energy manufacturing and an endless supply of highly specified mechanical products, logistics support, design for manufacturing, inventory management, and near-customer warehousing. 

The executive team at Unimacts, including Matthew Arnold, CEO, Andrew Woglom, CFO, and Alan Hays, COO, along with the team at Unimacts, will be joining Zetwerk, bringing the global employee count to 1,900.

For Unimacts, this acquisition will equip the company with the necessary capital to scale up its presence in the U.S., Europe and Mexico, along with access to a strong off-shore footprint in India and Vietnam. Overall, Unimacts’ customer relations, supply partners and business operations will remain unaffected.

“Unimacts’ offerings in the U.S., Europe and Mexico markets complement our existing portfolio and vision of being a global leader in the manufacturing space,” said Amrit Acharya, Co-founder and CEO of Zetwerk. “This acquisition will immediately expand our presence in North America and position Zetwerk for additional expansion in the coming months. We are excited to usher in a new era of intelligent manufacturing for our customers, partners, and our planet.”

“Over the last decade, we have been working to scale our global supply chain and contract manufacturing businesses to better serve customers throughout North America and Western Europe,” said Matthew Arnold, CEO of Unimacts. “Partnering with Zetwerk will allow us to accelerate our growth and global reach and provide more comprehensive solutions to our customers. With the recent $1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill and Inflation Reduction Act, the renewable energy sectors of solar and wind in the US are poised for significant growth. These have been the primary end markets for Unimacts over the last five years and we are excited to pursue significant growth in these markets with our new partners. We strongly believe that joining the Zetwerk family will translate into broader offerings for customers in the U.S. and around the world, increase growth opportunities for employees and facilitate new business opportunities for our suppliers”.

Zetwerk’s 2021-2022 financial results showcased strong growth across categories. The company’s gross merchandise value grew six-fold, to $770 Million from $130 Million, and the operating revenue expanded to $670 Million from $110 Million in 2020-2021. The company is on track to do well over $1 billion of revenue in the current fiscal year.

“With this acquisition and expansion in North America, Zetwerk is well positioned to help even more businesses create self-reliant supply chains in renewable energy and infrastructure," said Vaibhav Agrawal, Partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners and Zetwerk Board Member. "Gleaned through deep manufacturing and internet experiences, Zetwerk co-founders have built an intelligent platform for customers to maximize manufacturing capacity, reliability and scope at the click of a button. This is why Fortune 500 enterprises are expanding their purchase volumes, securing orders from Zetwerk 3-5 years in advance."

Zetwerk has more than 2000 customers across North America, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, and a network of more than 10,000 manufacturing partners worldwide.

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About Zetwerk

Zetwerk Manufacturing is the global source of manufacturing across industrial and consumer products. It helps various brands transform digital designs into physical manifestations. Zetwerk offers manufacturing solutions across a diverse range of products, from simple and complex products to industrial and consumer use cases, for small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Zetwerk’s industry-leading global manufacturing capabilities ensure products are manufactured faster, at competitive prices, and utilizing best-in-class materials. Zetwerk offers a broad range of services, including metal fabrication, CNC machining, aluminium die casting, 3D printing and plastic injection molding. Zetwerk uses domain-specialized teams and a suite of software across its suppliers and customers -- matching, production & project management, quality, pricing and logistics to make manufacturing predictable, transparent, and reliable. The Zetwerk team consists of the world’s leading engineers and innovators dedicated to future-proofing the creation of an undisrupted supply chain. For more information, please visit 

About Unimacts

Unimacts is a leading global contract manufacturing and supply chain solutions company with focus on renewable energy, as well as construction equipment and industrial products. Unimacts has developed asset-light sourcing solutions to supply highly specified mechanical products and provide complementary logistics support, design for manufacturing, inventory management, and near-customer warehousing. It is involved in the supply of solar tracker components (torque tubes, solar piles, drives, etc.), wind turbine components (fabrications, castings, fiber-reinforced plastics, etc.), and other industrial products (electro-mechanical assemblies, castings, fabrications, etc.). For more information, please visit

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