Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Shah REALTORS India Warehousing Show Mumbai ,our project in Bhiwandi and PAN India.

Shah Realtors is a Real Estate Consultancy firm which is based on the principles of trust, transparency, consistency and quality and we never compromise on any of these.


We now successfully dominate not just the Bhiwandi market, but also have a strong presence in the majority of the warehousing hubs in the country like Pune, NCR, Chennai, Kolkata and many more.


Today, Bank fixed deposits yield 6%, Government bonds yield 7%, Residential real estate has an ROI of 2-3%, commercial office space has an ROI of 5-6% but Shah Realtors has consistently been providing all his customers with a minimum ROI of 8-10% thanks to warehousing being one of the best performing Real Estate investments.


So, if you’re looking for a regular fixed income which increases year on year, has a low maintenance cost, saves tax and starts yielding you returns from the first month onwards, contact us and let’s talk.



Kalpesh Shah

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