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ADMS PAY VDF , virtual digital franchise

PAY Rs 60000/- plus GST  ( Rs Sixty thousand plus GST )to get unique ADAMS PAY VDF to become self Digital e business owner along with following additional business Benifits.  

*Benifits of ADMS PAY franchisees ;* 

1) We offer franchisees code for life time business association to earn refferal income of Rs 5000/- on every refferal of e Bike.

2) We offer Virtual franchisees business code for all types of E Bikes and our other e vehicles for life time.

3) We offer 4K Smart TV 32 inches 4K  worth Rs 18000/- for day to day business operations.

4) We offer Marketing material to run the businesses and a attractive BAG totally free to carry this material.

5) We offer Previlage Partner Loan (DSA) code to sale all types of loan products through various Banks and to earn extra income just by referring names of your friends and proposed customers of e Bikes and others also to cater their financial needs.

6) We Offer General Insurance Previlage Partner code to run the business and to insure your prospects and their belongings against general risk.

7) We provide tool kit of Company’s various product brouchers for further marketing.

*What is ADAMS PAY  Venture :* 

We are working on unique digital platform and introducing a unique additional income earnings to our franchise owners other than innovative e Bikes refferal business income. We are offering various ancillary income's digital  portal to our franchisees owners. Allowing them to come closer towards entire world and to bring your DSA's earning under their finger tips.

Currently we are the manufacturers of registered e Bikes having suitable range of 18 different models. Having varied cc  capacity.

Not only this very soon we are launching our e Cars , e autos, L3 model and eTractors to facilitate our city based commuters and farmers. We are also having our own consumer durable products like Digital TV 60 inches, 32 inches and many more models , AC , Washing Machine etc .  for sale.  All this products can be available for our franchise owners to sale and to get extra earnings,  we are providing e earning opportunities to our franchisee owners through our ADMS PAY digital portal.

We are also providing Financial services Previlage Partner ( DSA ) module to our franchisees owners to earn extra income just by referring their customers names and mobile no to meet their loan related requirements like 

Personal Loan, (PL) , Housing Loan ( HL),

Vehicle Loan (VL) , Business Loan (BL),

Un secured Business loan ( UBL), Loan Against Property (LAP), Cash Credit (CC),

Overdraft Facility (OD), Industrial Loan (IL), Equipment Loan ( EL), Credit Cards etc., 

Also providing extra earning by just referring leads for General Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance and Vehicle Insurance of personal cars and commercial vehicles by giving lucrative commissions through company.

Also providing opportunities to earn through opening Demat account, Mutual Fund accounts etc.

We are providing all this services to our franchisees owners just to serve their custmers, They just have to introduce their customers need through the ADMS PAY digital app and let the company serve their customers and reap extra income automatically in franchisees savings account. The process of earning additional income once you get our franchisees is very quick and easy.

ADMS PAY is offering above all bunch of extra earning products in only very small amount of fees of Rs 60000/- plus 18% GST.

Which will definitely help our franchisee owner to earn ample and to full fill their financial dreams. 

*Benifits of Franchises owners. :* 

1) Life time association with ADMS PAY with no Annual or renewal cost.

2) Product wise and customer profile wise as well as on the performance of monthly, quarterly , half yearly and yearly basis the attractive PAY out structure is set by ADMS PAY and the same is directly transfered in franchisees account. 

Also to the best performer and achievers additional rewards and awards will be given, hence sky is the limit to earn additional income to our franchisees owners.

General PAY out Structure :

On disbursement of Loan amount 

Other Products - depends on case to case basis.

The pay out on loan products are depending on case to case basis, even some products are non revenue generated but for customers need and their individuals satisfaction the files will be processed but no pay out will be given on such loan products. Like Agreeculture Loan, Subsidy loans etc whereon no pay outs are given on such products.

The pay out will be given only if the loan is disbursed and the same is credited to the account within 45 days of disbursement date and not before that and that too  after deduction of tds and admin charges from the pay out amount.

General Insurance business refferal pay out - on premium amount and after deduction of 10% TDS  and admin charges from it.

Credit cards pay out  on approval and per issuance of card after deducting 10% TDS and plus admin charges from it.

*Rewards and Awards :* Are also given on business.

ADMS PAY is a digital franchisees business to be done through digital portal a unique innovative business module. 

*So why you are waiting for,  enroll ADMS PAY today and start your digital business for fabulous earnings.*ve

For More Information Contact :


Urban Square, 2 nd Floor, plot no 165, Sadashiv Nagar, Last Bus Stop, 

Belgaum - 590010.

Phone - 9594572555

email -

Website -

*INTRODUCTION of parent company :* 

With the transport system being responsible for 14% global greenhouse gas emissions, there's an increased need to shift over Electric Vehicles ( EV ) to reduce pollution level. Belgaum based startup ADMS e Bikes is actively promoting greentechnologies and echo system friendly solutions to mitigate and manage pollution, with its unique range of vehicles.

In a short span of time ADMS e Bikes has managed to impact Indias Electric Vehicles scenario, and snag a coveted  position in the tightly contested automotive indusry. Electric Vehicles offer numerous advantages as they are convenient, affordable and have low running cost, ensure zero noise pollution and are environment friendly. 

This aspect have resulted in more people preferring to move this way. The future of personal transportation industry looks bright with the rapid growth in the use of electric scooters. Electric scooters are are quite beneficial to the users and the environment as a whole.

ADMS e Bike is committed to offer clean, fast and agile way to get around the city. The brand offers wide range of products across scooters, motor bikes, electric tricycles and auto loaders ranging between 100 to 120 Kms. 

Powered by powerful motors these light weights Vehicles ensure ease to use. Other options with a sporty look and robust build offer users a fast and easy commute. 


Electric Environment Friendly Vehicles.

Each Vehicle is throughly checked with detailed pre inspection, before handing over to the owners.

ADMS e Bikes having 18 models in this 8 models are registered and 10 models are non registered.

ADMS had  bagged Telangana's Government EV tenders in February 2020.

Also ADMS e Bikes awarded with Karnataka Business Awards for the best manufacturing Bikes of 2022.


The pricing ranges from Rs 65000/- to Rs 186000/- standard all across India. And all models and variants available at dealership across the country.

ADMS is planning to launch Electric Tractor in 18 hp, 36 hp and 70 hp in couple of months.


In span of just 18 months ADMS e Bikes were able to add 550 plus Net work showrooms across PAN India. Currently ADMS e Bikes has dealerships across Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Odessa and Rajasthan with plan to expand further.

Currently ADMS e Bikes has their production plant across four regions of India which is Karnataka ( Dharwad ), Telangana ( Hyderabad ), Rajasthan ( Ajmer ), and Uttar Pradesh ( Lucknow ).


Urban Square, 2 nd Floor, plot no 165, Sadashiv Nagar, Last Bus Stop, 

Belgaum - 590010.

Phone  9594572555

email -

Website -



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