Friday, August 6, 2021

Top 5 menstrual hygiene brands to rely on if you care for the environment

A woman generates 125 kg of menstrual waste during her lifetime. It takes 500-800 years for a sanitary pad to decompose properly. Certainly, not many realised this for the longest. However, with the growing awareness and active knowledge shared there has been a newfound sense of responsibility in the society. The idea of using eco-friendly products has got its acceptance with the women and the same is being addressed by the new age entrepreneurs who are exploring the space to provide the society with natural and eco-friendly products for personal care. Top 5 brands that are actively working in the field are:


Avni offers well researched, tested, and innovative products to facilitate women hygiene during periods. Avni has developed Avni Safepads, the cloth-based pads which can last up to 3 years. They also have Avni Ezeepads which are cotton based, come in a pouch that can be easily disposed of.

Their silicon based menstrual cup which is handy for mother nature as it does not generate waste.


Being one of the most outspoken and courageous personal hygiene brands in the countryPeesafe produces biodegradable sanitary pads which are made of bamboo pulp and 100% organic cotton. The pads have their own disposable bag which is biodegradable in nature too. The used product starts decomposing within 18 months.

Peesafe reusable menstrual cups help in reducing the waste due to its large usage, which can be used for minimum 5 years, hence not generating any waste for at least 5 years.


Nua provides holistic care , with an immense range of products which are toxin-free, with 100% safe ingredients and designed in a way that gives comfort from all aspects.

Nua has a range of cotton pads with zero toxins and each pad has its own disposable bag that makes it environmentally friendly and hygienic too.

The Woman’s Company

The Woman’s company has created products which have a unique range of products, for making the lives of every woman out there, simple, and easy. It has tailor made cotton-based pads which are handy in a biodegradable bag that helps in its easy decomposition. The sustainable silicon based menstrual cups also contribute to giving minimal harm to the environment, because of their long life.

Their tampons made of 100% organic cotton are easy to decompose, hence simplifying the whole process of decomposition.


With its organically grown cotton and super absorbent, leak protection design, the diverse range of products of LemmeBe make periods easier. It has come with India’s first period disc. Their Z based period disc, which is silicon based, is 100% reliable if you care for the environment, because of its long sustainability. Along with that, their Z cup, which is another silicon based menstrual saves the environment from plastic waste upto many years.

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