Saturday, August 7, 2021

Covid Warrior : Principal Ajay Kaul donates for the education of students who lost their parents to Covid

Principal Ajay Kaul will be bearing the Educational-expenses of the students, up to 12th std who lost their parents to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mumbai : Thousands of students lost their parents since March, due to Covid19 in Mumbai. Many students are saddened due to loss of their parents as well as their bleak future without education. Principal Ajay Kaul ( Founder of Ekta Manch, Principal of Children Welfare center school & Clara's College of Commerce-Versova, Yari Road ), the good Samaritan with social conscience has admitted these students from Versova in his institute and will be sponsoring their educational expenses till 12th std. 

Mr. Prashant Kashid ( Chairman of Children Welfare school & Clara's College of Commerce Activity ) informed that those students from Versova , who lost their parents due to Covid will be admitted to Children Welfare center school & Clara's College of Commerce-Versova, Yari Road and provided free education up to 12th Std. by Principal Ajay Kaul

Last year, in the first wave of Caovid, many citizens lost their livelihood and they could not afford to pay their children's school-fees. Humanatarian Principal Ajay Kaul helped these 3000 poor students by waiving off their school-fees.

In the year 1981, Principal Ajay Kaul started his school in a small room  with only 7 students, at the Vesawe Village with the blessings of his mother Clara Kaul. Today this school has prospered beyond imagination with more than 3000 students studying from KG to Degree. 

Chairman Prashant Kashid informs that " Benevolent Principal Ajay Kaul is educating the students with social commitment as well he is helping the needy since last 25 years through the NGO Ekta Manch.

In Andheri , the first Covid-patient was detected on 11 March , 2020, since then Principal Kaul as a true blue Covid-warrior has implemented various projects for betterment the of Andheri-Versova citizens. 

Principal Kaul has launched the Free Vaccination center at Children Welfare Centre Highschool & Clara's College of Commerce, in collaboration with Ekta manch, Shivsena Shakha no. 59 & BMC's K-West ward , to save the citizens from future infection, even before the offset of 3rd wave of Covid. Till date 10,000 citizens got the free vaccine-jabs and 20,000 citizens were provided with steamers from Ekta Manch. 

LGBT community is worst hit due to covid. Principal Kaul donated ration kits to 200 LGBT members. Vesawe is home to traditional banjo-band parties, since long time. At present around 16 band-parties are active. In the wedding season these local band-parties are very much in demand from all over Mumbai. Around 15,000 weddings were cancelled due to Covid pandemic,  the whole Band-business suffered financial losses. Principal Kaul distributed ration kits to all the instrument-players of16 band-parties. He also distributed notebooks to 15,000 students and umbrellas to 3000 citizens.

Many lives were lost and homes, shops were destroyed due to deluge in Chpilun and Mahad. Prashant Kashid informs that they will be sending a truck load of essential goods, clothes, utensils etc. for the benefit of affected residents of Konkan.

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