Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Cynosure Air Ionization and Sanitization System (CAIS) First in India - Bipolar Ionization Device for the Purpose of Decontamination and Sanitization of Indoor Environment


Kolkata: Cynosure Industries proudly introduces the Cynosure Air Ionization and Sanitization Device (CAIS) for the purpose of decontamination and sanitization of indoor environment. This device has been tested and certified by NABL Lab certifying reduction of 99.98% Virus Load and has been defined as a Medical Device by CDSCO, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India. The CAIS is a patented device with unique features which brings clean and pure hill station-like atmosphere at your home.


The benefits of using CAIS Device:

  • The CAIS Air Ionization & Sanitization System is highly effective in the reduction of Virus and Germs including Covid-19


  • The CAIS Air Ionization & Sanitization System helps the Red Blood Cells to carry more oxygen thereby bolstering the human body’s immune system to fight Covid-19 and other infectious diseases.


  • The CAIS Air Ionization & Sanitization System helps increase the flow of Oxygen to the brain resulting in higher mental alertness and more mental energy.


The CAIS Device is based on Bipolar Ionization Technology which is approved worldwide including the Environmental Protection Agency, Government of the United States of America certifying that the technology used is capable of removing viruses including COVID-19. This CAIS Device has been approved and available at Government e-Marketplace (GeM) for purchase by government institutions and is also available at Amazon.

“The CAIS Device will provide safe and healthy life to the people and will help develop adequate immunity to fight several infectious diseases including COVID-19,” says Santanu Ghosh, the inventor of the CAIS Device manufactured by Cynosure Industries.

“The Bipolar Ionization technology is used in the US and European countries to keep the indoor air sanitized and purified at international airports, hospitals, universities, auditoriums, etc. We have designed, developed, and manufactured the CAIS device using the Bipolar Ionization Technology to keep the indoor environment free from virus and germs. This device will be available through distribution network apart from GeM and Amazon starting from INR Rs 12,999/-” says Indranil Sarkar, Business Head at Cynosure Industries.


Cynosure Industries is the leading innovator in indoor air sanitization and purification products that results in healthier and more productive indoor environments in institutional, commercial, residential, and industrial applications. The Cynosure Air Ionization and Sanitization System (CAIS) use highly efficient Bipolar Ionization Technology to kill the harmful airborne virus and neutralize air pollutants. For more details visit:

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