Friday, August 20, 2021

Reliance Securities wins prestigious Golden Peacock Award 2021 for Innovative Product/Service

National, 20 August, 2021: Reliance Securities Limited, has been declared the Winner of ‘Golden Peacock Innovative Product/Service Award’ for the year 2021 for its innovative AI-based stock trading platform ‘TICK’.


The company was selected for the award by a Jury headed by Hon’ble Justice M. N. Venkatachaliah, former Chief Justice of India and former Chairman, National Human Rights Commission of India and National Commission for Constitution of India Reforms. 


Reliance Securities received the Golden Peacock Award for their Innovative web trading platform & its mobile-based trading app ‘TICK PRO’. Both these products are Artificial Intelligence (AI) based and are well received by enthusiastic new age investors, or the so called ‘millennials’ joining the trading pool. Reliance Securities has transited to the “Phygital” business model and introduced a series of digital initiatives under Systematic Digital Engagements (SDE), a single-window growth engagement concept, which is core to consumer engagements across all categories including advisory, research, transactions, education, training and awareness engagements.


Commenting on winning the Golden Peacock Award 2021 for Innovative Product/Services, Mr. Lav Chaturvedi, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Reliance Securities Limited said, "We are extremely honored and ecstatic to be the recipient of this Award. We at Reliance Securities Limited are always aiming at creating something new for our consumers and take their experience to new heights. It is an absolute pleasure to have our efforts recognized in such a prestigious way."


Reliance Securities Limited introduced attractive AI-based features on their platform such as screeners, market analytics and strategy that come in handy for the traders. Their ‘One View Dashboard feature, for instance,  showcases all trading modules on a single screen, facilitating quick and easy navigation and instant access to open positions. On the ‘Heat View Map’, one can add up to 50 scripts per watch list to buy, sell and view quotes, while ‘Scanners’, filter out script’s/contracts worth tracking and finding out a possible trade. 


The mobile trading app ‘TICK PRO’ further helps users to trade at speed with just a swipe. The mobile app keeps a trader in full control of the markets, and facilitates everything needed to quickly analyze new trading opportunities.  Over 25,000 contracts and 5,000 securities are scanned per second by over 20 robos and 8 scanners. These are just a few representative features in the sea of possibilities through the TICK platforms.



The state-of-the-art advanced trading platforms give users robo insights, instant updates, research ideas and real time quotes for them to trade confidently. The use of AI has enabled better market insight for the customers. Irrespective of the volume and variety of the incoming data, the tech-driven approach can easily correlate and categorize the factors that impact the daily trade, thereby enabling clients to make informed decisions.


Analysis and research are key elements for a trade, which TICK simplifies for users and empowers them with insights that help make winning trade decisions. Analyzing widely available and scattered data can be otherwise time consuming if done manually, but TICK uses AI to generate pre-defined strategies or to identify potential stock at a glance for customers to trade.


The smart innovation by Reliance Securities Limited covers every aspect to make trading more efficient, safe and customer friendly and the Golden Peacock Award is an endorsement to that innovation.

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