Friday, August 6, 2021

Edtech Startup ClassMonitor expands to US, aims building presence in 15 countries by 2022

India, August 4 2021: Launched in 2016, ClassMonitor, a home learning edtech startup boasting presence in 1000+ cities in India and across 12 countries, expands to US and Middle East and aims to further build presence in 15 countries by 2022. 


ClassMonitor is creating a revolution in Home Learning education for early childhood with its hybrid learning approach targeted to upskill the children with a blend of traditional and modern teaching methodology. ClassMonitor’s hybrid learning tools take children to a learning space that combine real life learning experiences with curated activities. The company is catering to over 1 lakh kids right now and plans to cater to up to 5 lakh kids by 2022. ClassMonitor envisions bringing a revolutionary early childhood education experience and child-parent engagement across the world. The company has focused on creating quality products while promoting openness and creativity by closely watching the customer feedback and evolving consistently.


To establish its expansion in the US and other countries, the startup is also introducing an exciting range of new products for children between 0-10 years of age. Some of the upcoming key launches include skill based assessments & certification program designed to integrate in their existing Annual Learning Packs; tech-enabled educational board games which interweave important concepts with key cognitive and social-emotional skills; new packs for ages 6 to 10 years to foster learning and strengthen skills in key subject areas such as Math and Science.The brand is focused on creating quality products for its customers that are affordable and impact a child’s learning journey positively.


Co-Founder & CEO, ClassMonitor, Vijeet Pandey quotes “With our expansion across US and other countries along with India, we aim to bridge the overwhelming gap in the modern education system which lacks parents' involvement in their kids' learning.  We are addressing the gap using a two-pronged solution, which involves combining traditional and digital learning. With our expansion we plan on revolutionizing the early childhood not just in India but across the world”


The startup also recently raised INR 3.5 cr from UAE-based Calega family office investor group, Path India Ltd and Sarvann, a group of Oman-based investors to support its mission of expanding presence across other nations and strengthening its content and technology for the end users. 

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