Thursday, August 5, 2021

Lubrizol announces partnership with Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. for Manufacturing and Sale of Corzan® CPVC Material & Piping Solutions in India

  • The business collaboration expands portfolio and offers sustainable products for industrial piping system in India


Mumbai, August 05, 2021: Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., inventors and the largest manufacturers of CPVC compound worldwide and Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd., today signed a definitive agreement of Corzan® CPVC Processor for the manufacturing and sale of Corzan® CPVC Material and Piping  solutions in India. With this collaboration, Lubrizol will broaden its product offerings in the Indian industrial piping sector and will strengthen the position of Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd in the industrial piping systems in India.


Corzan® CPVC will be available across India through Prince Pipes and Fittings Ltd. starting September 2021.


Lubrizol is a pioneer in CPVC piping technology and its Corzan® CPVC has a long history of withstanding high pressures and corrosive chemicals.  Corzan® CPVC is known for its reliability, consistency, efficiency, and productivity without disruptions. It is mainly used for transporting chemicals, industrial water treatment, mineral processing, and oil & gas applications. Corzan® CPVC is recyclable and is used again as an additive in other vinyl compounds in line with Lubrizol’s sustainability goals of Move Cleaner, Create Smarter, Live Better.


“Precisely engineered and real world tested, Corzan® CPVC technology embodies the highest standard of product quality and performance when a long, reliable service life is essential. We are excited to share that Corzan® CPVC  Material and Piping solutions will be launched in India with a new, globally refreshed brand identity that will be  visible through a reimagined font and innovative companion icon design. Our new branding embodies that precision, innovation, and reliability. India’s industrial engineers, consultants and clients have been reassured by Corzan® CPVC’s higher performance which meets global standards and ensures peace of mind for customers.” said Michael Fornes, Global Director - TempRite® Engineered Polymers on the announcement.


Commenting on the collaboration, Scott Mold, General Manager - TempRite® Engineered Polymers, “I am excited for our expanded partnership with Prince Pipes to launch Corzan® CPVC material and piping solutions in India. It further supports Lubrizol’s long history and commitment to the Indian market and aligns with India’s “Make in India” initiative. Together with Prince Pipes and Fittings leadership, I am confident this partnership will prosper and deliver the highest standard of quality and performance to the Indian industrial market.”


Commenting on the collaboration Mr. Nihar Chheda, VP, Prince Pipes and Fittings Limited, said, “We are delighted to associate with Lubrizol once again. Prince Pipes is not about creating products that are different but providing solutions that make a difference. We have driven change in the industry by replacing conventional products, with high-performance user-friendly solutions. The Indian Industrial piping market has huge potential of ~INR. 160 billion. This is today dominated by the conventional pipes and low adoption of CPVC, which is majorly used only for domestic applications. Whereas globally, Corzan® CPVC pipes are well accepted for Industrial applications. This association strengthens Prince Pipes’ portfolio of existing range of industrial solutions.  Prince OneFit with Corzan® CPVC Technology will solve corrosion issues while decreasing the downtime enabling continuous production. This reflects our strong intent to continue to drive high-impact change for higher value creation.


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