Thursday, September 10, 2020

SpeaQin, a Value Add to the Communication Industry

                                                       ~ Going ‘Vocal for Local’ through SpeaQin ~

September 2020, Mumbai; The face of video communication has changed dramatically due to the global pandemic since March 2020. The video conferencing platforms are definitely playing a vital role in the current scenario. Driven by the demand for remote and virtual work, the nationwide lockdown has exposed us to the necessity of video conferencing be it at any corner of the world. An individual today, is not just dependent on the phone he/she uses but feels the importance to be productive and get acquainted to the new age technology considering the given situation. Standing tall to the consumer’s wants and requirements, the young minds behind a Pune based B2B Technology and scalable demand generation company, VLMS Global- Verified Leads & Marketing Services Global recently launched a Made in India video conferencing solution, 'SpeaQin' (Spea:king) eventually for supporting the cause ‘Vocal for Local’.

With the launch of SpeaQin, it has helped smoothen remote communication between two parties. As the solution highly focuses on the simplicity and security of the end users as no meeting data is stored on the servers, it has successfully achieved the confidence of the customers. SpeaQin not just caters to an individual but it also targets groups and organizations on a larger scale. The solution consists of industry leading features like, seamless video meetings for up to 100 participants at a time, easy screen sharing, unmatched video-bandwidth ratio, connection from any device, among others. SpeaQin dashboard gives users control over their meetings where they can access meeting reports, invite participants, create events and set unique meeting preferences among other features.

We all have witnessed how intelligent technology has helped in smooth functioning and collaboration among various industries. The healthcare industry being one among them has equally benefited by the advanced technology in their battle against COVID-19. As a result, the industry is considering video conferencing as an ultimate solution to connect with remote patients and healthcare staff as at the same time, it also prevents direct contact with the people. The Government too is using video conferencing software to connect with doctors and administrative people of their region and also of other countries. On the other hand, companies are adapting an innovative recruitment process to make sure that the work continues without causing any barrier in achieving the end results. With the education industry adopting online services, SpeaQin has enabled students from various regions to pursue their careers efficiently. Not only this but the solution has also supported the employees working from home to have a unified conversation or hosting conferences and events with their co-members online.

Along with its unique features and facilities, SpeaQin is a part of a bigger platform that encompasses a myriad range of consultancy services. This platform, rightly called as ‘XperTalk’, connects individuals and institutions to service providers, both at consultants, freelance and organizational levels. This adds on to the advantage for innumerable experts to provide their services and help grow their business and reach. To add on, XperTalk also intends to connect to smaller regional communities and single work seeking professionals to provide their services.

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