Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Introducing Chief Empowerment Officer & Founder of Natasha Moor Cosmetics, Natasha Moor

 Entrepreneur and makeup artist Natasha Moor's vision extend

further than her immediate business. She hopes to inspire

women to be the best version of themselves - inside and out. 

In her professional life, she is dedicated to her craft as a

renowned, jet setting makeup artist. Through her years of

experience, she knows firsthand the transformative power of

makeup and how it empowers.

Natasha started her 'Happiness Project' to amplify her belief

that makeup can dramatically impact someone. This theory

flourished during the most unlikely of circumstances, while

when she was working with women who were in need,

disenfranchised and struggling.

She says, "A few years ago, I visited shelters for women-

victims of human trafficking, homelessness and substance

abuse. I had the amazing opportunity to interact with these

survivors, and I saw their reaction after I pampered them with

a makeup session."

This reflected on how she started her career into the

industry. It dawned on her that makeup is the universal

language that provided confidence, happiness and self-

love. "It isn't a vanity project, it's an assertion to be your

best", she says.

She further adds, "I decided my ethos was to share this with

women everywhere; to use my platform as a safe space with

purpose, kindness and with good intentions to make a positive

change that is beyond the superficial. I want to empower and


One of the personalised services Natasha provides is, 'fine

detail beauty couture'. An individualised and exclusive


Natasha then went ahead and created a cosmetic line to empower

more than just her clientele, she brought it global. Her first

line of cosmetics was the staple; lipstick. After years of

research and development on formulas, she created a winner.

Today, her wide range of lipstick shades are long-lasting,

moisturising and velvety that are made to flatter every skin

tone. Each shade has been given an inspiring and powering


The idea is for women to not only appreciate the way they

looked, but how the lipsticks made them feel. The whole range

is now available in Sephora South East Asia and online


Natasha's artistry has been recognised at the Savvy Luxury

Fashion Retail Awards and at the 21st Icon Awards in London.

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