Friday, September 11, 2020

Dr. Akshay Shah, a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist in Mumbai

 ~ Dr. Akshay Shah has been Treating Pets with Holistic Drug Free Therapy for Safer and Faster Recovery ~




September, 2020, Mumbai; Young and Dynamic, Dr. Akshay Shah, a graduate from Bombay Veterinary College pursued his Masters in Pathology. He practiced traditional small animal medicine for over 3 years. Born with passion and love for animals, Dr. Shah always aimed at serving the domestic pets and livestock. His objective led him to research on more effective and less invasive treatments for his patients, especially those suffering from chronic pain. Following his interest, he obtained certification for Veterinary Acupuncture from CHI Institute Europe and Bach Flower Therapy from Bach Foundation (United Kingdom). He proudly gains a degree in Veterinary Homeopathy and is probably the First Certified Veterinary Homeopath in Mumbai.


In order to cure the pet, we have been witnessing some of the chemical treatments and conventional medications. However, nowadays pet parents are increasingly looking out for natural and safe solutions. Animal homeopathy is growing in popularity due to the chronic and recurring nature of several ailments in animals. Dr.Shah’s professional expertise with a compassionate approach has made him offer the best medical care for the individual pets around the world. He has been successfully serving an affordable comprehensive homeopathic and acupuncture treatment which is not only safe, effective but also one of the powerful remedies for the animals. The therapy helps in strengthening the immunity of the animals and treating the disease from the roots without causing any side effects. His experience in the field has given him an opportunity to work with some of the leading hospitals and personalities in the city.


With the ongoing pandemic, people have become very particular in keeping their family safe. But when it comes to animals, they require the same treatment and care. Dr. Shah has been attending various webinars to spread the awareness about the safety and precautions to be undertaken for your pets. He has been also using ‘Acupuncture’ treatment for his patients which is said to be one of the safest forms of medical treatment that helps balance the body energies with a natural healing process. 


Dr. Akshay Shah says, “To cure your animals, one needs to understand their needs. I always had an affectionate relationship with animals which eventually pulled me towards pursuing a career for the well-being of my companions. The wider concern of their welfare is a never ending and an ongoing scenario. These species need the similar care and support as we individuals. As a Veterinarian, I am completely responsible for my patient’s health. I believe in offering a dedicated service in a holistic manner by avoiding the use of antibiotics and painkillers which can be dreadful for them. I thoroughly enjoy being around them and hope that my contribution will help them in their welfare.”



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