Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 ANYMASK Korea has created the personal health care product  “ANYMASK – F5 REFRESH Mask Storage Case”.

Nowadays wearing a mask is a new normal thing every day so how are you keeping your mask in good condition. Did you put the used mask on the desk while eating outside? Did you hang the used mask on the room mirror of the car while driving?

If you still don’t know how to keep the used mask properly, we suggest you try F5 Refresh Mask Storage Case.

200703_amazon image_mask storage case_logo.jpg200703_amazon image_mask storage case_solang.jpg


200703_amazon image_mask storage case_eco-friendly02.jpg

200703_amazon image_mask storage case_chart02.jpg

This helps you storing the used mask well and refreshing it. Please click the link to know more about “ANYMASK – F5 REFRESH Mask Storage Case” :

 We hope all countries can back to real normal, not new normal soon. This product can help you . The Storage Case will prolong the Shelf life of the used masks.

Please visit  ANYMASK Korea website: to know more about ANYMASK Korea F5 Refresh Mask Storage Case and more.

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