Thursday, September 10, 2020


Department of Posts offers many Products and Services, however they do not reach to the interior villages and therefore the public there are not aware of the departmental products available for them. As we are aware that there is cut throat competition and due to unawareness of the Postal Products there is possibility of such public approaching other organisations and competitors. Hence, the Department of Posts has initiated to make available all such Products and Services at village level by forming strategies, marketing and publicising them under FIVE STAR VILLAGES. Branch Offices will work as one stop shop to cater all the post office related needs of villagers.

The concept of the FIVE STAR VILLAGES will be to ensure 100 percent coverage of all below mentioned postal schemes to every households in a village. If any village completes four schemes from

below, then that village gets four-star status, if any village completes three schemes from below, then that village get three-star status and so on.

(i) account of SB Accounts or RD Accounts or Time Deposit Account or MIS Accounts or NSC/KVP Certificates

(ii) Sukanya Samridhi Accounts/ PPF Accounts

(iii) Funded POSA linked IPPB Accounts

(iv) Postal Life Insurance Policy/Rural Postal Life Insurance Policy

(v) Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana Account/Pradhan

Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana Account

Entire Maharashtra will be covered under the Scheme. To begin with 2 Rural Districts for each Region are identified as under.

1. Akola

2. Wasim

3. Parbhani

4. Hingoli

5. Solapur

6. Pandharpur

7. Kolapur

8. Sangli

9. Malegaon

10. Palghar

50 villages in each District will be covered during the financial year 2020-2021. Regional Offices will identify villages which can be covered under the FIVE STAR VILLAGES.

A) Scheme Implementation Team

This will be achieved by forming a team of five Gramin Dak

Sevaks who will be assigned a village for marketing of all the products,

savings and insurance schemes of the Department of Posts. Team of

five GDS officials will consist of GDSs of the Branch Office and of the

nearest Branch Offices and will be headed by the BPM of the

concerned Branch Office. Mail overseer will keep personal watch on

progress of team on daily basis. The teams will be lead and monitored

by Divisional Head, Assistant Superintendents Posts (ASPs) and

Inspector Posts (IPs) concerned.

B) Campaign

Team will visit door to door by conducting awareness campaign

for all schemes and covering eligible villagers. Wide publicity will be

given by displaying on notice board of BO. Likewise notice board may

be displayed in all prominent places of targeted villages like Panchayat

Offices, school, village dispensaries, bus depots, markets etc.

Pamphlets may be distributed for publicising the Postal schemes and

products. Small Melas may be organized keeping in view the

guidelines to safeguard against spread of Covid-19.

C) Infrastructure/Equipment/Training

Regarding requirement of infrastructure equipments to all BOs

in the identified villages will be carried out and funds requirements

projected to cover such BOs. Apps in DARPAN Devices & IPB Mobiles

will be utilized. Training will be imparted by Concerned IP/ASP of the

sub division to the Mail Overseers/BPMs/GDSs. All the schemes will be

covered during training session.

D) Monitoring

Close monitoring will be done at Circle, Regional and Divisional

level on the progress and achievement of target. Whatsapp group will

be formed for daily monitoring. A monthly progress report will be

submitted which will be reviewed by the CPMG.

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