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~ The Ultimate Binding Energy Between a Mother and the Child ~


September 2020, Mumbai; Every mother desires that her child lives life to fullest, be there for her children when they need her and teach them the importance of self-worth. Similarly, the mother of an autistic child wishes her child to be as normal as possible. As we all are aware, autism spectrum disorder is a severe neurodevelopmental childhood disorder characterised by impaired communication, lack of social skills and repetitive behaviour. Mayuri Ramdasi, one of the most radiant personalities and a renowned Speech Therapist with over 18 years of experience in the field, introduces ‘ARULA for Autism’, which promises every mother a successful communication bond with her child experiencing autism and a well-developed language outcome. The functioning platform of ARULA for Autism depends on the fact that every child with autism has the ability to communicate, socialize verbally and to overcome his/her negative behaviours.

It is said that there is no cure for autism. However, through the techniques of ARULA for Autism, Mayuri Ramdasi has successfully cured several children all around the globe.

Mayuri Ramdasi has come across many autistic cases in her career. She was introduced to problems faced not only by an autistic child but also by his guardians, parents and especially by his mother. After thorough research and knowledge of the field, she truly believes that, “In order to treat autism from its very roots, the prime focus shouldn’t be the host, that is the autistic child but instead, his mother.” At times, due to continuous stress and competition, the mother gradually turns more inflicted and diseased than the child himself. Under such circumstances, she is not able to heal herself as well as her child. Hence, it is of due importance to treat mothers with the needed therapy first and then focus on the actual autistic case. Thus, as one might cleverly quote, this technique isn’t any different than hitting two birds with one stone. You cure the mother first and consider that the child is halfway cured already. Mayuri Ramdasi trusts in healing her patients on the basis of practical knowledge, an artistic touch with an essence of Spirituality.

Mayuri Ramdasi says, “I have worked towards enriching the lives of lots of families who have had a case of autism in them. I believe that autism is a headlong race between the patient's speech outcome and his understanding ability. Through my personalised speech and developmental programmes, I have not only managed in passing a ray of hope to the parents having an autistic child but have also strived to form a stronger relationship of the child with his parents. To me, nothing else matters more than the satisfaction a mother receives when she's assured that she understands her child and that her child is going to emerge as a winner in the near future. I feel that any autistic child shouldn’t be labelled as a patient. This is because he is not the true patient for a matter of fact. Hence, I don’t consider the child as a patient at all. I see a patient within the mother of an autistic child. And I treat the mother first so that her child can grow as ‘normal’ as possible.”

ü  ARULA for Autism focuses on the following areas:

o   Speech and Language

o   Social Communication

o   Self-dependence

o   Overcoming negative behaviours

ü  ARULA for Autism the Orientation Program:

1.       21-DAY PROGRAMME. It is a 3-week programme including various activities and therapy sessions

2.       ARULA TUTORIALS. It is a one-year long program. A monthly online live zoom session by Mayuri Ramdasi

3.       ONE- TO- ONE CONSULTATION. This would be a 30-minutes long consultation


    • ARULA for Autism is in form of a video clips so that the activities can be portrayed very efficiently through actual demonstrations that Mayuri Ramdasi would be performing herself
    • Being a three week-long programme, ARULA for Autism would comprise of 21 video clips for the 21 days. Pre-Recorded Online Therapy Sessions would be in English
    • There will be one video clip per day having one activity which has to be carried out by the mother herself
    • Mother is expected to follow the activities recommended by ARULA for Autism every day
    • ARULA for Autism has to be carried out throughout the span of three weeks

    • ARULA for Autism guarantees good results in the form of insights in the mother so as to understand on how to work on her child

ü  ARULA for Autism Tutorials for Mothers:

o   It focuses on, Speech, language and communication developments

o   Improving Listening Skills

o   Improving Socialization Skills

o   Overcoming Behavioral Issues

o   Mothers who have successfully completed the 21-Day ARULA for Autism Orientation Program are eligible for ARULA Tutorials

o   ARULA Tutorials are conducted in the form of online live zoom sessions by Mayuri Ramdasi for 5 days, (Monday to Friday) of every week for the entire period of 12 months (1 year)


o   Mothers can now avail the personal consultations with Mayuri Ramdasi via the channel of ARULA for Autism- One-to-One Consultations

o   In this 30-minutes long consultation, Mayuri Ramdasi will deliver her expertise on the very specifics of the case of your child

o   Mothers may ask questions, clear their doubts, and even discuss their child’s diagnosis with Mayuri Ramdasi

o   Eligibility: All the mothers who are undergoing ARULA for Autism- TUTORIALS are eligible for one-to-one online consultations with Mayuri Ramdasi


ü  ARULA FOR AUTISM (The Orientation)

    • 4. As soon as you register yourself, you will receive an email with confirmation link
    • 5. Click on the link (Thus, your identity gets confirmed)

3.       PAYMENT

    • 6. After confirming your identity, you will be sent the bank details via mail (in maximum 24 hours)
    • 7. Please Note: Payment has to be made online

    • 8. Your account would be activated within 24 hours of receiving the payment
    • 9. Once your account is activated, you will receive your username and password via email
    • 10. You must log in to the website using the username and password given to you
    • 11. ‘ARULA for Autism’ program is thus made available to you

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