Thursday, August 6, 2020

50000 Robin Hood Army volunteers to serve 30 million meals in India, abroad to underprivileged by August 15

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Mumbai, August 6, 2020Robin Hood Army, a zero-funds organization working with volunteers to serve surplus food from restaurants and the community to the underprivileged, has pledged to serve 30 million meals under its #Mission30M initiative in India’s rural and urban areas and across 10 countries (Bahrain, Botswana, Malaysia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Uganda) with 50,000 volunteers by August 15, 2020. #Mission30M is one of the largest food relief effort, bringing together corporates and volunteers across countries to serve staple food to under-developed rural pockets, orphanages, old-age homes, homeless people, ailing patients, and daily labourers across the country. Mission30M has been launched in the wake of COVID-19, where millions have lost their basic means of livelihood and are facing the starkest hunger problem in recent history. The mission, which got underway from July 1, 2020, The mission, which got underway from July 1, 2020, has already served 12.5 million meals across 143 cities and 9 countries in the first 33 days. This unique model of goodwill is also a Harvard case study.



The #Mission30M initiative has currently entered #MissionFinale - the last 10 days of the mission, which will culminate on Independence Day. The Mission seeks to bring together entire networks, and resources for one last sprint to reach their target of serving 30 million people. The team has also developed a real-time dashboard cross geographies. This initiative is supported by Godrej Group, K Corp Charitable Foundation, Akshaya PatraBookASmile among others in India.



Neel Ghose, Founder, Robin Hood Army, said, "The effects of COVID-19 are as dangerous as the disease itself, as millions of people have lost their means of livelihood. As a result, the hunger problem is the starkest it's been for years. It is easy to brush off responsibility to authorities, but this is a crisis that needs to be dealt not just by governments but also by civil society. Serving 30 million people through #Mission30M is hopefully the first of many such initiatives to mobilize citizens and corporates to take ownership of the sections of our community who are suffering the most.”

The other co-founders of Robin Hood Army are Aarushi Batra and Sanchit Jain.



Encouraging more people to contribute meals or join the Robin Hood Army, Faiza A. Dhanani, Robin since 2016 in City, says, “In Mumbai the need of the hour is 100,000 Raw Grain kits. Some of the most affected persons being tribal villagers in the pockets of Palghar ; Pen ; Pali ; Murbad ; Raigad ; Vikramgad ; Virar ; Boisar and other interior areas which have not received any support from any trust or organisations along with the daily wage workers who have lost their jobs and lower income or below poverty line groups in the areas of Malvani ; Dharavi ; bhiwandi ; Mankhurd ; Vasai. The local authorities being District collector ; Tehsildar local Panchayats and police officials are supporting and cooperating with us for all such distributions”.


As with every initiative by Robin Hood Army, each volunteer will do this in his or her free time and there will be no monetary donation involved. With an objective to rebuild a world where everyone has access to two fundamental rights -- hope and food, RHA is also encouraging the community to join the initiative by signing up on




About Robin Hood Army:

The Robin Hood Army (RHA) is a volunteer organization which has thousands of young professionals and citizens who have taken to the streets in their free time to fight global hunger – the team collects surplus food from restaurants and distributes it to the less fortunate. In five years, the RHA has served food to 42.9 million people across 182 cities globally. The team, which is now a Harvard case study, has a strict no-funds approach, and scales up through social media and partnerships.


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