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Success Comes To Those Who Are Looking For It

A Story Of A Bollywood Star
Success comes to those who are looking for it. A story of a Bollywood Star or should I say a song about dreams called Bollywood star, here is the story of a small-town guy from Vadodara Gujarat, which proves anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Bollywood Star was inspired by dreams,  no one can take your dreams away from you, they are yours says Shray. He is the music composer, singer, songwriter, actor, and music video director of Bollywood Star. Man with many talents, or should I say a man with a mission. To achieve anything in your life, you require faith, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Here is the success story of a Bollywood star that actually turns his dream into reality. Shray is a multitalented natural bodybuilder, owner of Real Estate Company, and a musician. He struggles to achieve what he wants in life. To achieve true success, you need the strength of mind to struggle and work hard to reach your fullest potential, and he has the potential to show the world that everything is possible for those who believe.

He was born and raised in Vadodara Gujarat. He always had a keen interest in music and wanted to become a singer. During his school days, he won a lot of singing and music competitions. But with a singer, he also has a lot of dreams about bodybuilding and his successful career in business. In 2001, he took part in Mr.Gujarat, a bodybuilding competition, and got 2nd position. After completing his graduation (B.Com) from MS University, he went to London for post-graduation, in 2002. Here he decided to continue his music and got admission to the London school of music. He skips his school once a week and goes for vocal training there. In 2013 again he decided to compete for a natural bodybuilding competition in the United States. At that time his weight was 190lbs with high body fat. He gave everything and by following a proper diet plan he had ended up winning the competition in the weight class. He lost 25lbs within 5 months and dropped from 190lbs to 165lbs. He became the first Indian to win natural bodybuilding competition in United State.

After achieving his goals in bodybuilding he started to focus on his career in business. He wanted to earn for his family and worked really hard to start his own real estate business. Soon he got success in business and his real estate company was doing really well by 2019. Now he has his own several rental properties. He got success in every field of interest. He became a successful businessman, but something was always missing, and that thing was his music.

One day he decided to stop everything and start focusing on his music. He wanted to make something interesting that no one has done before. He interviewed several music programmers around the world and found the best one in Netherland. He went to Netherland to make some interesting music. He wanted to record his music video in the United States. Bollywood star, his first song, he recorded his first song in four different languages, Hindi, English, Gujrati, and Punjabi. He composed the music and went to the US to record his first song Bollywood star. He is the only singer, songwriter, and director of the music video, everything was done by Shray. He shot the music video in Miami and New York. All the casting, costumes, and choreography had been done by him as he wanted to make this song in a fixed budget.

His first song was finally released in 2019. He really admires Sanjay Leela Bhansali. His future goal is to entertain people by making good music that people can remember for a long time to come. He also has plans to make a movie.

For more information about Shray, you can visit his Instagram or log on to the YouTube channel to listen to his songs

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