Friday, May 15, 2020

Mr. Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd.

“As equal stakeholders in the economic growth of the nation, we support the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today’s tranche of announcements by Hon’ble Finance Minister, included fiscal measures attuned to INR 15,000 crore for Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund which is to be set up to support investment in dairy processing, value addition and cattle feed infrastructure. While we believe the measure will benefit the livestock industry in the long run but the industry required an immediate life support. Currently the small farmers are in deep debt trap owing to severe liquidity crunch and his livelihood is at stake. The poultry sector is making a loss attuned to INR 26,000 crores in the course of last three months, owing to misinformation about COVID 19 spreading from the consumption of chicken and a nationwide supply chain and logistics logjam. Most of the livestock farmers of poultry sector are not being able to sell ready birds and pay back for the feed they purchased on credit, the farm owner or the moneylenders. Being the backbone of the society, farmers currently do not have the capital to restart their business. There is a huge proportion of landless farmers who work on rented farms and the measures currently announced by the Government do not give them the financial stimulus to ensure the food and nutritional security of the country. For instance these landless farmers who operates on leased land are not entitled for loans , subsidy or Kisan credit card by banks .

The measures announced under Matsya Sampada Yojna  for Fisheries and Shrimp sector to boost export and Rural Employment are encouraging . We are optimistic that these measures will boost rural entrepreneurship,  wealth creation to boost economy to make India self-reliant as envisioned by PM .

Overall we will get more clear picture when final document is available for us to study implementation of said policy which holds the key to success of these measures. Hope some of the gaps mentioned above  will be taken into account including some immediate relief to farmers in financial distress due to massive loss. We believe all segments of the agro-economy are inter-reliant and vital links in the process of country’s overall economic development and we as partners in this journey can grow if rural economy gets boosted in line with GDP .”

About Anmol Feeds

Since their foray into the livestock feed industry nearly two decades ago, Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd. has been focused on high quality livestock feed since the start of their journey, steadily expanding its production capabilities and helping farmers yield high returns. At present, Anmol Feeds has eight successfully running state-of-the-art superior manufacturing plants across six states- Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand and Haryana. With a cumulative production capacity of 1300 MT per day, the pioneers of pellet feed for Indian farmers, Anmol Feeds, has been catering to the livestock feed requirements of 20 states across India working with more than 50,000 farmer families and 1,000 employees. The Rs 530 crore company launched its products under the umbrella brand Nouriture last year to meet the growing challenge of quality feeds in the market and introduced their floating fish and shrimp feed into the market.

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