Saturday, May 30, 2020

Trishla Group Of Companies, a leader in event planning in India

With the opening up of lockdown in most parts of the country, event planning is going to be back in the forefront.

Since its inception, Trishla Group has started a revolution in areas like events, studios, security management, tent house, catering services, Digital Marketing, production, consultancy, real estate associates, tour & travel, import & export, trading And many more…

With a well-planned and visionary strategy, the Group has built up a prosperous reputation and carved a place of pride globally.

“Events are the slides which live in our mind forever. Pictures, cuisine, interior and service are the things which win the souls when you visit astonishing places in a gathering.” says Mridul Singhal, CEO and Founder of Trishla Group Of Companies.
Since its inception in 2013, TGC is known for giving most high-grade parties, birthday celebrations, meetings, engagement to marriage functions.

Mridul Singhal’s TGC team specializes in providing extraordinary time to their clients who wish to organise events at their place. They are known for giving the best service in this business. With their stunning preparation, they are able to provide a striking environment which raises the excitement level of attendees before and after the event.
TGC team has organized many extraordinary events, placing them in one of India’s best event management company, and now they are heading towards other countries too.

“We, at TGC, work with passion and we aim to make every celebration the most memorable time for our clients.” says Mridul Singhal. The relentless work has made them a trustworthy event management and wedding planner company in India. TGC is working into many fields like events, studios, security management, tent house, catering services, Digital Marketing, Production, consultancy, Real estate associates, tour and travels, Import and export, trading and many other things. TGC is a team of champions which are giving outstanding work in various fields.

Till now, TGC has worked with more than 550 clients and finished more than 450 projects till now in India and globally. TGC has already carved its name as one of the best event management companies in India & now is even making name globally. TGC works day & night with a team of trained professionals to make your celebrations the best without any loopholes & help in creating memories for you. This is an events management & wedding Planner Company that strives to make your dreams a reality.

Whether it is themed or personalized weddings or any other wedding functions, they provide you with all the services including the planning, organizing & management at the most pocket-friendly rates. Right from the beginning till the end, they help you make your occasions are grand event with their experienced & trained professionals.

Catering to the wedding services you need they offer a variety of them including décor planning & execution, event flow management, guests’ management, food and beverage management, services from vendors, decor planning and execution, entertainment design and choreography & transport and logistics. They also offer services like providing wedding stationery, styling, on-site support staff & a personal shopper, event rentals & a list of other things as well. TGC is pro at planning diverse types of events its clients.

Today, the company has spread its wings in several industries & is creating a revolution is many verticals like events, studios, security management, tent house, catering services, digital marketing, production, consultancy, real estate associates, tour & travel, import & export, trading & many other areas. If you check their success story on their website (, you will find why they are the no.1 in creating stronger bonds with clients by serving them in the best possible manner. TGC is a strong family consisting of a robust team that has worked for 538 clients & dipped their hands on 440 projects till now. And, most importantly, have turned each of their projects into a grand success.

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