Sunday, May 17, 2020

Introduction of New development & Manufacture of “Footwear Sanitizing Station” to Prevent Spread of Virus-COVID-19 from High Risk Premises

During this COVID-19 there is a significant need to maintain our areas disinfected. we all are taking at most precautions to safeguard our ecosystem family members .
 When people travel risky areas or outside pathogens, germs, viruses may get placed on footwear and ride inside with us in premises hence shoes could be possible carriers for harmful germs, virus & bacteria from risk area to safe area premises, i.e. cross contamination.

By considering this scenario we at swift have developed simple “footwear sanitization stations” which will help to reduce spread cross contamination from one place to another. It is designed for effective delivery of sanitizer to the bottoms of footwear. 

Standard Product contains 1. Brush mat (to clean footwear before applying sanitizer) 2. Sanitization station dish Tray unit  3. sanitizer holding Mat 4. Sanitization Absorbent mat (to clean wet footwear)

We suggest you use of “footwear sanitization stations” in entry points of your premises like office, Home, clinic, shops, factory Hotel, Restaurants, kitchens to sanitize Footwear, to minimise the risk of travel of pathogens along with footwears and to keep your premise hygienic and safe from outside pathogens.

Enclosed with this letter is a detailed literature about the product. We hope we will have your valuable support in promoting this product.

If you need more information or have any doubt Please Call .

Soni Tiwari
Mobile : 8888 800 064

B-118, TTC Industrial Area, Punit Ind Estate, MIDC Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. Maharashtra. India 400705
Tel: +91 -22-20873044 /88888 25423


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