Monday, May 18, 2020

GALF launches it’s #QuarantineWellness and #CXOWellness campaigns under #WorkFromHomeWellnessSeries to help Corporates cope with social distancing and isolation in an efficient manner

Mumbai : The Covid-19 pandemic has created a wave of uncertainty and worry across the globe. Businesses are being impacted and corporates have adopted a new lifestyle which is the Work From Home or Remote Working. As the nation, along with the world at large, undergoes a complete lockdown, individuals and corporates are cooped up, operating from their homes not knowing exactly how to cope with the course of this pandemic. Many employees are finding it hard to adjust to this new way of life and develop a healthy routine to sail through this with ease. To extend support to such corporates and its leaders, to deal with this quarantine smoothly, GALF has rolled out a series of Work From Home Wellness under which they started the campaigns #QuarantineWellness and #CXOWellness. The brand partners are GARMIN, Fast&Up, Healthtrek Healthcare and AROMICA tea

Founder and CEO of GALF Amit Vasistha says, “We have observed and understood that the need of the hour is going over and beyond to help our clients. Hence to ensure that we are reaching out to and helping every corporate possible, we rolled out our Work From Home Wellness campaigns #QuarantineWellness and #CXOWellness.”

As a part of #QuarantineWellness campaign , GALF panelists which include experts from the health and fitness industry have started taking over the GALF social network and sharing with the community some exclusive and expert insights on how to get through these trying times by keeping your Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellness intact and perform satisfactorily in your professional and personal space. 

Experts belonging from a wide range of industries such as nutrition, medicine, yoga, fitness, mental health and so on are a part of the #QuarantineWellness initiative where the idea is to give the audience a holistic perspective on wellness. Wellness is not just about being physically fit. It is equally important to keep a tab on your mental health and ask yourself how you’re feeling. The panelists took to various subjects such as self-introspection, anxiety during a global pandemic, productivity and efficiency at working from home, etc. They also shared their exclusive fitness routines in the form of elaborate and demonstrative videos to help the viewers feel motivated and to be easily able to join them and practice the routines from their respective homes. 

GALF’s #CXOWellness campaign is conducting live interviews of selective leading CXOs across industries that are streamed on GALF network on Facebook Live. In order to support the CXO community and ensure that they all feel connected during these moments of immense global crisis. The range of discussions that are being covered on these interviews are the emerging trends in corporates keeping the pandemic in mind, how important is corporate wellness as a people strategy at present, CXOs’ personal takes on mental, emotional, physical, nutritional, environmental and physical wellness, focus of revenue vs. employee sustenance. It must be noted that, the pandemic is creating havoc on the CEOs and CXOs of the companies across varied industry segments. After all, they are the ones responsible like captains for sailing the ship through crisis, be it managing customer expectations, revenue streams, bearing the stock market shocks and still ensuring that there is hope and support for all their employees. All this is easier said than done. The recent news during lockdown of cardiac arrest of the BMW India CEO- Rudratej Singh at an age of 46 years only shows the need for holistic wellness for CXOs across the world. 

“People are staying indoors and they want to upskill themselves and I would say that’s wonderful. Keep yourself engaged.” said Nikhil Arora, CEO GoDaddy, India. A lot of sites including GoDaddy have launched online courses in short and long format to suit individual needs. He also went on to add a note for senior leaders, “Employees have to be taken care of foremost. Keep them connected to the organisation , keep them engaged. Stay connected with them even on a non-work basis. They don’t have to dress up formally or look perfect at every team meeting. Make it easier for your employees to communicate with you and make the process more flexible and seamless instead of making it complicated and harsh.” 

“Wellness has several spectrums under it and what’s special about GALF is that it caters to all those spectrums collectively. It is extremely important for people to feel well while they work from home and I think GALF is doing a great job at that.” Said Deepak Yadav, Founder of CEO Lounge. Deepak also added that, “Leaders must look at challenges like they are opportunities and cater to them with a positive outlook. Adaptability is key during this time”

“This is your opportunity to create a 1000 Bolt organization“ said Mr. Rajnish Virmani, Managing Partner–Positive Moves & leading CEO Coach, in his interview with GALF

“ It is likely to a long haul before it gets normal, new normal has arrived and people specifically corporates need to ensure that they stay active with cumulative workouts by spreading them across the day and maintain high immunity through appropriate nutrition” said Vijayraghavan Venugopal CEO- Fast&Up, India’s top nutrition brand that fuels the Indian Cricket Team  
“ Employee wellbeing is the top priority for any HR Leader currently. Its imperative we keep employees virtually engaged and stay connected. Holistic Wellness is the key employee value proposition as the work force and locations become more diversified” said Ramakrishna Vyamajala CHRO – Home First Finance, India’s fastest growing home finance company for economic living segment 

“This is tough time for the MSME specifically and we are standing by all our employees including craftsman from unorganized segment. This is a big reminder for all of us to be socially and environmentally more responsible as part of Holistic Wellness” said noted designer Priyanka Raajiv – CEO and Founder Label Priyanka Raajiv, who has designed for top industrialists, Bollywood and Hollywood stars including Angelina Jolie

“ Have patience, Invest in yourself and Evolve with new skills and models” said India’s poster boy for Ironman Dr Kaustubh Radkar – CEO Radstrong Coaching and RadRx Healthcare Consulting. Dr Radkar is the only Indian to have conquered Ironman 25 times

Mr. Vighnesh Shahane, MD and CEO IDBI Federal Life Insurance said, “There is going to be a new world order in place post Covid. Things will change to a great extent, the way we travel, the way we go out to eat, watch movies, our hygiene habits, spending habits, etc. When so much change falls at one time, it’s natural for people to get confused and anxious. Man is averse to change. Adapting to this change will create stressful situations which is why it becomes extremely important to keep fitness in check; not just physical but holistic fitness. No aspect of holistic wellbeing can be ignored.” His mantra as shared is “ Work Hard, Play Harder and Never Leave a Good Crisis”

Mr. Amit Vasistha, Founder and CEO of GALF said, “There has been a dynamic shift in the environment, across businesses and in turn our lifestyles. While trying to adapt to this shift, one may find it difficult to keep up with the change or maintain their state of mind and body in the right way. We want to extend a helping hand to those in need and convey the message that we’re all in this together.” He went on further to talk about the GALF panelists by saying, “There are all esteemed professionals across various sectors that are sharing their personal experiences and stories on the GALF network along with some really insightful tips that have been all tried and tested in their best capacity.” 

As the world takes on to this new lifestyle, a key realisation that we have made in the corporate space is that a lot of things can be made possible digitally thus saving time and energy which can be put into use elsewhere. With the right frame of mind and intention, one can adapt to this new way of life while reaping its benefits until the circumstances retrieve themselves to the new normal, ascertains GALF. 

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