Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Comniscient Group turns Lockdown into Gold

Comniscient Group’s Lockdown Golds instil sense of purpose, initiative and motivation among employees

Mumbai, May 26th 2020: In what could be described as one of the most challenging times for the working professionals, the Comniscient Group, comprising of TRA Research, India’s leading consumer insights and brand analytics company, and Blue Lotus Communications, an award-winning PR agency, turned the lockdown challenges into a ‘golden’ opportunity for its employees. Internal employee awards titled ‘Lockdown Golds’ were conceived to urge each of team member to go beyond the current limitations, and explore their power to inspire, perform, coach and contribute. The underlying objective was to create a sense of purpose, initiative and motivation among the employees when the business environment continued to face a climate of uncertainty.

The Comniscient Gold Awards are held every year to acknowledge and reward the exceptional work by team members during the year. 'The Lockdown Golds' was a special edition for individuals who demonstrated their best during this lockdown period in each nominated category. Ms. Pooja Kaura, HR Head and Awards Coordinator, Comniscient Group, spoke about the winners said that “The concept of Lockdown Golds had multiple purposes, and prime among them was to create an attitude of winning during these trying times. If you ask me, everyone in the group turned a winner, with all employees participating in a fun-filled, awards ceremony through video conferencing.”
"Like everyone else, we too were stuck in our homes and also stuck in our thinking. We conceived of the Lockdown Golds to break away from the inertia and to create a sustained program which involved everyone. These awards take inspiration from the ‘GOLDS’, our group’s annual awards, which are an embodiment of our culture, our ethos and values. The Lockdown Golds were in one of six categories each making a difference in the lockdown period. Termed as Energizer, Guru, Client-Comes-First, Rookie, Sacred Heart, Hustler, these awards brought out the most from each, which was showcased through self-created videos. It required most to learn a new skill of video editing also, and that added to the fun element", Kaura added.

About The Comniscient Group                                                                          
The Comniscient Group, is arguably the most comprehensive providers of communication and brand solutions which include services of public relations, consumer insights and brand analytics. Three-time winner of the Agency-of-the-Year Award, Blue Lotus has been an acclaimed public relations strategy partner to several highly placed clients. TRA Research, the publishers of TRA’s Brand Trust Report and TRA’s Most Desired Brands is India’s leading syndicated consumer insights and brand analytics companies.

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