Friday, May 22, 2020

Mr. Arpit Kothari, A 19 Year Old Entrepreneur, Helps Underprivileged People

Mr. Arpit Kothari, a 19 year old entrepreneur has recently helped two underprivileged young people to create their own business of Social Media Marketing namely, Imperial Marketing.

Mr. Arpit Kothari has studied from some prestigious institutions of India, like Sarala Birla Academy, Bangalore and Raj Kumar College, Raipur. He is currently in HR College, Mumbai.

Arpit Kothari belongs to a respected and a well-established family who are in Real Estate and Constructions Business, etc, yet he wishes to create an empire of his own in the Education, Health and Real Estate sector.

“Ambition drives my approach, I model my business and strategy based on the many success stories of companies including Microsoft, Google, Apple and others. Succeeding in developing a company with strong international influence is always part of my ambition.” says Arpit Kothari.

“I continue to pursue my studies in parallel in order to perfect my knowledge of entrepreneurship, nevertheless, certainly this double “cap” will become more and more useful as time progresses,”, says Arpit Kothari

He also believes that family is the most important part of a person’s life. He has helped many young people establish their startups by investing in them and connecting them with his network of people.

He is a luxury fashioner as much as a gentleman he is. He owns one of the most expensive mobile number available in India. Arpit is also multi-talented. He excels in playing musical instruments and he is also good at sports. Writing and poetry are also his passion. He is a young entrepreneur who believes that there is no alternative to hard work. 

“People often ask me what is the best way to get rich. To this question, I answer: "It depends." There are several factors that will determine it. This includes your approach, attitude, available cash, your income, the health of your credit, the inventory of the sector in which you wish to invest, your personality as well as your objectives, to name a few. Those who have managed to build a fortune have achieved this by becoming experts in their respective fields. They excelled in a very specific niche.

He has a plan of starting a NGO for differently abled kids and women. He has also been interviewed many times and featured in newspapers.

“There are 1001 ways to be successful. What will your niche be? What will you focus on in order to become an expert in the field? You will be able to find out by testing some of the different approaches. Afterwards, try to exploit the niche that you like most, hoping that it will be the one in which you are most comfortable and most profitable.” says Arpit Kothari.
Most entrepreneurs face the difficulty of effective leadership. “A successful leader is above all a conductor, supposed to organize by delegating as much as possible”, says Mr. Arpit.

Mr. Arpit has an excellent tip for upcoming entrepreneurs
You want to create? Your idea seems excellent to you but your friends dissuades you from it because it is not the moment, not the good conjuncture, you are too young, too much, not enough here! Listen, analyze… but if your project always seems realistic to you, then go for it.

Another suggestion, before each decision, take time for reflection. When you are young, you can sometimes be impatient to succeed, stay nuanced so as not to sink into the rush.

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