Thursday, May 28, 2020

Veer Foundation along with Vardhaman Sanskaar Dham saved sheep going for slaughter house during difficult times of Covid-19

Mumbai, May 28, 2020: After driving sanitisation in 18,000 housing societies, hospitals, BMC ambulances, offices and public transport vehicles and providing food to senior citizens, differently-abled and the migrant workers who had been badly affected during the lockdown, Veer Foundation, Ghatkopar based foundation along with Vardhaman Sanskaar Dham saved sheep going for slaughter house, because of inability to feed them during the difficult times of Covid-19.

The rescued sheep have been sent to Bhumi Jeevdaya Samvardhan Trust, which has a facility at Navi Mumbai, which is into rescue of birds and animals and also takes care of them by providing food and medical assistance.

Nitin Sanghavi, Trustee, Veer Foundation said, “Animals are part of our eco-system and they are equally affected by lockdown imposed due to Covid-19. Realising this, we have rescued the sheep which were going to slaughter house and has donated feed for them.”

“It is imperative that citizens are educated about the need to ensure animals and birds do not endure the brunt of the lockdown just because they are voiceless creatures," he further added.

About Veer Foundation:

Veer Foundation, Ghatkopar based Foundation, is a symbol of humanity, which strives for the welfare of people and animals. Nitin Sanghavi and family are the Trustees and members of the foundation.

The foundation has organised many welfare activities during its existence in the last decade and continue to strive for the betterment of people of the country. It has served the people of Mumbai and rest of the country, whenever there was a crisis.

The foundation truly believes that, serving the mankind and animals is the best service one can render in one’s life and is the only way to contribute for the betterment of inclusive and progressive society.

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