Monday, May 4, 2020

Composer and Singer Mohan Kannan recreate nostalgia with some of his versions / renditions through a digital series, “Soundcheck”

A few days ago, Mohan Kannan had put out a rendition of “Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo” on his Social Media. Little did he know,that it would be so well appreciated and accepted by his fans and audience across the globe, that it would persuade him to launch a series.

“Soundcheck”, starting off as a simple home video dedicated to his fans, has originated out of  sheer love for music and creating innovations. Mohan Kannan defines the series as a casual rendition of the sound checks done before a live show consisting of jamming, rehearsing and sometimes even creating new compositions. The series shall be spontaneous and unplanned and the songs will be selected by Mohan to truly entertain audience and showcase how a track could have its own versions without losing its core.

The opening song of the series has already been published. It is a rendition featuring him strumming on the melodic rhythms of “Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo” originally sung by Farida Khanum with a touch of Carnatic form.

Mohan has always believed that music is versatile and has no boundaries, being part of a band, a mridangam player and also composing and singing for Bollywood, and even songs in multiple languages like Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi and Telugu, he’s proven it’s the passion that counts.

Talking about his series ‘Soundcheck’, Mohan Kannan Quotes,

“Soundcheck just happened to me.. I was trying to thank my listeners for having logged on to my live session on Instagram and for being patient through all the technical glitches the previous day. This was quite literally the soundcheck before my actual shoot of the video I planned to originally release, and since the intended video never got shot due to further technical glitches, I just released this one.

I think people appreciate an honest and spontaneous effort more than a rehearsed one, especially when it’s an intimate setting, and I’m glad to continue doing this whenever inspiration hits me. These are all going to ad-hoc, unplanned, one take videos, and even I don’t know what song I’ll end up singing for any of them. Hopefully, I’ll have fun and so will the people who come back to listen to me all the time!”

Well, it’s time to make our quarantine days a melodic roller coaster of music filled with Mohan’s soulful voice and soothing symphony.

 Please find the link for the first rendition of his series : Mohan Kanan Soundcheck Series

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