Saturday, September 17, 2022

Swad : Distinctly Different from Vimal Agro food products

Vimal Agro food products pvt. ltd. from Gujarat manufactures quality food items like Mango pulp & Slices,  Canned vegetables in brine, Ready to eat canned foods , Pappadums , Papad , Various pickles , chutneys, Cooking and Curry pastes etc.

Vimal Agro products is available since 1988. It has many brands like Swad , vimal , Big Pantry , BVitas , Sauras , Vimal's best dried fruits. 

Swad Mango pulp is available in cans. It has 2 varieties like 1. Kesar Mango pulp 2. Alphonso Mango pulp

Swad pickles are available in Rs. 10 sachets like Mango pickle, Mixed pickle , Green Chilli pickle, Gorkeri , Sweet lime , Schezwan chutney .


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