Thursday, September 8, 2022

Aspiring Poet Vaidehi Jha of Aakash BYJU’S Mumbai Obtains AIR 21 in NEET UG 2022 with a Score of 705

A National Talent Search Exam scholar, Vaidehi enjoyed best of both worlds: intensive NEET training, and writing poems during her study breaks 

Mumbai, September 08, 2022: As the NEET UG 2022 results are out, Vaidehi Jha, a student of Aakash BYJU’S from Mumbai, who scored 705 marks and obtained AIR 21, is hoping that two of her major dreams would come true: one, joining AIIMS Delhi soon, and two, launching a book of her poems in near future. 

A student passionate about science - physics and zoology being her favourite subjects, her inspiration to become a doctor came from her pediatrician. “He is very genuine. I am inspired by the way he conducts himself - be it listening to patients with genuine interest or diagnosing health conditions objectively. I can’t think of any other reason so strong to motivate me in my NEET preparation,” she says. And while preparing for the exam, Vaidehi took breaks quite religiously often for the sake of her creative pursuit of writing poems. 

Her home-maker mother and engineer father were supportive in her studies. They did not exert any pressure on her to score high marks. “My father is an engineer but I find engineering to be a dull subject. In contrast, medical science is pulsating with life. I love watching surgery videos online - especially the open heart and eye procedures, though I don’t quite understand yet what surgeons do with the instruments,” she says. 

At Aakash BYJU’S, where she underwent two year NEET coaching, she proved herself as a promising student in the very beginning. Vaidehi was the first to answer questions, and also the one who asked the maximum number of questions in her class. In her own estimation, she was competitive. The subjects that were challenging to her were organic chemistry and biology. Her way of overcoming the challenges was by allocating enough time for these subjects every day. “I invariably spent nearly 1.5 hours for physics, and 45 minutes for chemistry, while I dedicated the rest of my study hours for biology. Importantly, I made sure that I had 20 minutes everyday for reviewing questions of previous NEET exams,” she recollects. In addition to preparing for NEET, she was also studying for the National Talent Search Examination. 

Vaidehi gratefully remembers how her teachers at Aakash BYJU’S were with her all the time. “I find the two month intensive program prior to the NEET exam extremely helpful. We had at least two mock tests every day and had time to analyse our performance. Aakash BYJU’S mentorship program is equally useful. We would have special sessions around the concepts we did not understand. My teachers responded to my doubts whenever I contacted them, whether it was in the late evening or midnight. I can never forget their support,” she notes. 

Congratulating Vaidehi Jha on her excellent performance in NEET, Mr. Aakash Chaudhry, Managing Director, Aakash BYJU’S, said, “We are happy to have trained a student like Vaidehi who is good at both science and arts. In fact, it is a myth that people who excel in left brain activities such as learning science will not do well in arts as it involves the right brain more. Students do not have to entertain this idea. Our performance in studies comes from our interest in the subjects. Vaidehi has interests in seemingly different fields. My heartiest congratulations to Vaidehi for her achievements in NEET. I am sure that she will end up realising her ultimate goal of becoming a surgeon. She will also shine as a wonderful poet in future.” 

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