Sunday, September 18, 2022

New launches from Satiscomm India P. L.


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d Growing FMCG S&D reation from ground up!

Building India’s Largest Sales and Distribution Platform and be a Preferred Selling & Distribution Partner by Brands. We focus on providing sales and distribution expertise to emerging categories and brands so that they can focus on building their business.

We identify Key Markets and Scale Up of Distribution at desired pace. Further onboard and retaining right distribution partners.
We find Target Relevant Retail Stores & locations with TG relevant to Category and Brand. Ensuring Product Freshness in the distribution chain.
Drive Sales as per Agreed Target Milestones. For this, our company Builds, Manages, Monitors and Improves S&D Operations.
Companies leave all their S&D concerns to us and simply monitor milestone progress. The progress is monitored in following manner-

  • Quick and Relevant Geographical expansion
  • Deliver Revenue Scale Faster
  • Regular and Timely Brand/ SKU performance data bystore, by market & by city
  • Influence Distribution Reach, Revenue & Merchandising
  • Influence Distribution Reach, Revenue & Merchandising
By this, companies improve their profitability due to significantly reduced Selling & Distribution costs

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